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It is a well known fact: first impressions are crucial. Experts in social psychology agree, that the first contact and the first minutes of a new encounter, will forever impact your relationship with someone or something. Here at homify, we believe it is the same for our homes. The first look reveals a peak of your personality, and very often our decorating style is a hidden glimpse of our individuality that we wouldn't usually exert in everyday life. We forget, that the entrance is the link between the outside world and your private and personal spaces. A well thought out space will allow for the perfect transition between these two. So, we gather today seven projects to load you up with ideas for your front entrance or hall. Take a look…

Lights, shapes & colours

What shapes, colours and lighting effects would go well in your entrance? We recommend creating a bright space that will be welcoming to your guests, unless you're looking to create a more intimate atmosphere. If your space is small and limited in terms of natural light, try to incorporate mirrors and reflective surfaces, as in this example. And why not use lively and invigorating colours? Here, orange and yellow unite with blue and grey, to create an interior that is both lively and balanced. Moreover, the simple shapes of the furniture, full-height storage cabinet and a small shoe rack, create an uncluttered and harmonious look.

Storage space

Often entrances in single family homes are occupied by a staircase which leads up to the upper floors. And in most of these situations, a lot of useful space is unfortunately lost in this transitional space. As shown in this interior design project by AA Decoration, it is possible to use the space under the stairs to incorporate cabinets, which are essential to accommodate your clothing and outdoor accessories. In addition, the open shelves are a great opportunity to have decorative objects that will give personality to your space. Here, the beautiful carved wooden doors bring a classic charm at your entrance, while the minimalist canine sculpture adds a contemporary and humorous touch. Faithful friend of man, your pooch will wait quietly in the doorway, each and every day!​

Retro chic

As mentioned earlier, a design strategy for your entrance can be to create a chic and cosy atmosphere. You just have to integrate spot lights that focus on certain decorative objects or more important spaces—this is called hierarchy. For example, this retro-chic designer Eloise Hermans, retained the vintage appearance of the wooden floorboards, and dressed up the entire hallway with dark textured wallpaper. This has the effect of creating a rich and subdued atmosphere, which is both enveloping and inviting. And of course, the chosen elements of furniture and decoration contribute to this effect. The classic chair at the rear of the image, and the red wine buffet, has a noble presence that is complemented by artistic objects that give depth to the space. A decoration of choice for classic and romantic space enthusiasts!

Colourful transitions

The front door of this apartment, for something a little different, opens directly onto the living area. The interior designer behind this project, Virginia Heissat, has tried to create a transition space using a mix of invigorating and contemporary colours. Thus, an orange band around the doorway, allows us to distinguish the entrance area from the living space very easily. This is enhanced by the integrated lighting that illuminates the wall and the door, exemplifying the colour orange. This simple coat of paint, is enough to completely change a drab space. As you can see, it has brought it from classic to wow!

Big impressions

While some prefer to create a neutral and tone down décor for their reception areas, these spaces are often a dream opportunity to create a dramatic and visually impacting area. The owner of this house had a passion for contemporary art. The black and white stripes are daring and bold, and will definitely give your guests a taste of who you are from the very first seconds they step foot in your home. Why not step outside the box, and challenge yourself—opt for a entrance you lust over in magazines, but have always been too afraid to execute in your own home.

A classic corridor

Many corridors are quite limited in terms of space, especially in  period buildings or in densely populated cities. It is therefore important not to overload the décor, given that space is already at a premium. A coat of white paint, as in this classic example, will open the room and give the occupants the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. Occasional paintings and picture frames give the passage some personality, without being too cumbersome and heavy. Here, gilt frames and mirror go with ornate light fixtures to create a classic and distinguished interior décor. 

Built-in furniture

Another way to maximise space in your front hallway, while maintaining a comfortable, personalised aspect, is to provide integrated wall storage. Here, open libraries and closed cabinets accommodate all your everyday items. Books are indeed a good way to give character to your interior spaces: a colourful and textured look always add a touch of life to a room, and the selection of content is obviously an indicator of your taste and your personality!

What are your thoughts on these hallway designs? Let us know in the comments. 

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