10 sliding doors that can be perfect for your home

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
ASADA Schiebetüren und Möbel nach Maß - Ulrich Schablowsky Sliding doors
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Isn’t architecture wonderful? There are so many incredible options to choose to make our houses (both inside and out) come alive, so to speak. From walls and floor designs to roofs and windows, just think of all the fantastic pieces that can come together to ensure your home is as stylish and practical as you want it to be. 

Today we’d like to focus on doors, sliding doors to be more precise. Available in a multitude of designs and sizes, sliding doors flaunt a rich history that stretches all the way back to the Roman Empire. Today, they can be used as both interior- and exterior entryways, plus help give style and functionality to anything from wardrobes to cabinets.

In terms of advantages, take a look at some of the most popular benefits that sliding doors can provide:

• Appearance: From super modern to richly rustic, sliding doors can perfectly complement your interior rooms, regardless of their specific design styles, shapes, patterns or colours. 

• Energy efficiency: Sliding doors are also available in eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs, making them a prime choice for the “green” age of the 21st century. And thanks to energy-efficient designs, sliding doors can help your home stay warm in winter and cool in summer. 

• Indoor / outdoor flow: A sliding door makes it much easier to merge the indoors with the outside, ensuring a seamless flow (especially if you opt for ones with generous glass panes). And by replacing a solid wall, a sliding door instantly gets rid of that small, cramped feeling and makes a room look and feel so much more spacious and welcoming. 

• Space saving: Sliding doors operate without hinges. Instead, they effortlessly glide along a track instead of swinging open, meaning no extra legroom is required for the door arc. 

Are we starting to convince you that sliding doors are one of the best inventions ever? Then let’s move on to some visual inspiration that showcase 10 delicious design options of sliding doors in the home…

1. A charming, cottage feel

Creatively separating a dining room from the kitchen, these classic sliding doors (in off-white wood with block glass panes) still ensure a visual flow between the two spaces.

2. A cutting-edge look

Used for a super stylish walk-in closet, these sliding doors are perfect for 21st century contemporary splendour.

3. A touch of detail

Remember that sliding doors can flaunt as much (or as little) detail as you'd like, ensuring they don't just vanish into the background.

4. Patterned prettiness

Thanks to these patterned sliding doors, visual detail is ensured for this living room (effectively cancelling out the need for an overload of additional accessories). 

5. Total transparency

Of course a visual link is sometimes wanted to ensure a room doesn't have that closed-in feeling.

6. Stylish in steel

Steel resin sliding doors and cupboard Ligneous Designs Sliding doors
Ligneous Designs

Steel resin sliding doors and cupboard

Ligneous Designs

Taking on a more industrial feel, these steel models perfectly close off separate zones without taking up any extra legroom.

7. Creative character

Isn't there a touch of romance and playfulness associated with these exceptional designs?

8. Don't forget about colour

West London house Viewport Studio Sliding doors
Viewport Studio

West London house

Viewport Studio

For when you feel your interiors could do with some more colour, opt for these vibrant options.

9. Dark and dramatic

With just a touch of pattern for some visual detail. 

10. A wow-worthy entrance

Who knew a single sliding door could add so much style and ensure an unforgettable entryway? 

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Which of these sliding door designs would be perfect for your home?

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