The do’s and don’ts of a modern bathroom remodel

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Say what you will about modern bathroom remodels, but they still remain nerve-wracking projects. At least, that is the idea shared by people who didn’t plan properly from the start. Because with the right mindset and professional (such as Bathroom Planner, Plumber, or Interior Designer/Decorator) by your side, that renovation can be one of the easiest, most fun things you’ll ever do!

1. DO find design inspiration first

Before you pick out so much as a wall tile you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your bathroom – and what it needs to look like. A contemporary-styled, spa-like space with tranquil vibes? A practical cleansing zone that can help speed up those morning bathroom rituals? 

And remember that you don’t need to stick to one particular design – feel free to experiment with various elements until you land on a look that you love. 

2. DON’T neglect your budget

Be realistic about what you can spend. This is not the most pleasant task, yet looking at your finances will give you a clear understand of what’s achievable with your new modern bathroom (and what’s not). 

Always remember there are some things you can do to keep your modern bathroom renovation affordable (like comparing various quotes before choosing the right professional, and DIYing some of the work such as painting, etc.) 

3. DO budget for the unexpected

Luxury Apartment Combination Andrew Mikhael Architect Minimalist style bathroom
Andrew Mikhael Architect

Luxury Apartment Combination

Andrew Mikhael Architect

Hidden water damage is a common problem in bathrooms. And even though a professional contractor will do what they can to sniff out any issues as early as possible, they still can’t see through walls. 

Thus, always build a 10 – 15% cushion into your renovation budget in case of those unforeseen problems. And if you’re lucky enough not to experience any, you can enjoy a welcome little windfall! 

4. DON’T move the fixtures

Tampering with water supply lines and drains can severely affect your bathroom renovation costs. So, unless you’re working with a challenging or very cramped bathroom layout, don’t make any major changes to that plumbing system. Trust us when we say that in most cases, it’s not worth the extra expense!

5. DO keep your high-end pieces neutral

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Swish Design Works

Resort style bathroom

Swish Design Works

If you keep your high-end items, like tile flooring or shower design, neutral (like a blank canvas), it’s much easier (and cheaper) to alter that design the following year or trend (whichever arrives soonest). Just remember that neutral elements, which can ensure a broader appeal if you ever want to sell your home, don’t mean a boring bathroom design. Any neutral colour can be spiced up with bold paint colours, mirrors, and floor coverings like rugs. 

6. DON’T be lured in by every single trend

It’s one thing to be inspired by trends, yet another to be a slave to them. Remember that Japanese soaking tubs, for instance, look fantastic in online pictures of bathrooms, yet aren’t practical in every single bathroom. 

For your modern bathroom remodel, opt for practical fixtures, tiles, and building materials that are stylish (and neutral) and won’t lose their appeal by the next trend change. 

7. DO remember storage

From extra toiletries to your new guest towels, sufficient storage is key for any bathroom, big or small. So, if you have the room, how about tearing down a wall to include an extra storage closet in your bathroom remodelling project? If not, don’t overlook tried-and-tested storage methods (like floating shelving, wall niches, wall-mounted towel railings) to help keep your bathroom neat and tidy. 

8. DON’T skimp on your vanity

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erstudio Pte Ltd

Design & Build: Condominium @ Eunos (Modern Scandinavian)

erstudio Pte Ltd

A bathroom vanity is the perfect feature to make a style statement. From double sinks and large mirrors to built-in shelving, your bathroom vanity can immediately impress guests while still being super functional in terms of storage needs. 

And remember that you can always change the look of your existing vanity if buying a new one is out of the question (such as giving it a new coat of paint). 

We’re nowhere near done inspiring you, since next we’re going to show you How to choose the right colours for painting your house’s exteriors

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