12 tips for a simple-but-stylish bedroom design

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Bishopgate Residences Summerhaus D'zign Modern style bedroom
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Nine times out of 10, a bedroom flaunts a look that is just perfect. And it’s not because the owners have money (which affords them the opportunity to purchase top-notch furnishings and acquire the assistance of professional Interior Designers), but because the room has a simple design that functions well. 

Herewith the good news: creating a stylish bedroom with a simple design is harder than it looks, yet not impossible. Especially not if you have these 12 tried-and-tested tips to guide you…

1. Keep the space simple

Stick only to the necessities like your bed, bedside table or two, dresser, etc. The rest can only bring on clutter if you’re not careful.

The same with accessories: treat yourself to a nice piece of artwork, and maybe some flowers in a vase, and stop there! 

2. Create a layered look

Piling on a few pillows and blankets / throws can make your bedroom seem comfy while still keeping it simple. Just don’t overmix those patterns!

3. Play with motifs

Patterns, when done correctly, can become part of your room’s décor, meaning you have to bring in fewer accessories (which, obviously, saves up on space). Let your focal pieces, like the bedspread, rug, and lampshades, flaunt some botanical prints (for example), and keep the rest simple. 

4. Focus on simple circulation

Hotels manage to keep their bedrooms’ circulation to one side of the room, because it’s simple and it works. This saves legroom and makes a room seem wider and bigger. 

5. Keep that view in mind

If you’re designing a new bedroom (or reworking your old one), try and focus on a view instead of a wall, even if it’s just your garden / patio outside. That exterior vista will seem like part of the interior décor, which means you don’t need to go overboard with purchasing additional pieces. 

6. Connect with the exteriors

Although this is not possible in all climates, opening up your bedroom to the outdoors will make it seem larger and bring in more light. Maybe consider adding an extra window or, even better, some stylish French doors to increase visual space. 

7. Be clever with your furniture sizes

Always measure and draw out your bedroom, and the planned furniture pieces, before you go shopping. For ease of movement, leave at least 90 cm between the bed and side walls or large furniture pieces, and at least 60 cm between the bed and low pieces, such as the tables and dressers. 

8. Up the room’s light and ventilation

If possible, position the bed so that it looks out on windows on two or more adjacent walls. This ensures cross ventilation as well as a softer natural light. 

9. Go with subtle colours

Neutral, earthy, and monochrome colours are the best for a simple-yet-stylish colour scheme. But also feel free to experiment with gentle shades of blue, lavender, or green, as these are considered natural colours and can up a room’s calmness. 

10. Don’t overlook storage

Storing things out of sight will definitely add to the serene ambience of your bedroom. In addition to a roomy bedside table with its drawers and doors, consider placing a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed, as well as shallow boxes underneath the bed (hidden behind a beautiful bed skirt, of course). 

11. Layer your lighting

Bishopgate Residences Summerhaus D'zign Modern style bedroom
Summerhaus D'zign

Bishopgate Residences

Summerhaus D'zign

Ambient lighting is for lighting your entire room, but include task lighting (for reading) and accent lighting (to focus on a specific point of interest, like wall art or an architectural feature). This layered effect will ensure a soft illumination for the whole room, adding to that calm look you’re after.  

12. Don’t rush

Great design takes time. So, don’t aim to have a perfectly stylish bedroom, with a simple and glamorous design, done in a day! Time your time sifting through colour options, looking at furniture options and accessory pieces, measuring everything beforehand, and planning ahead, and you are sure to enjoy the bedroom of your dreams!

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