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Simple lines, gleaming white surfaces, no clutter in sight… this may sound like the bathroom of dreams, yet it’s completely possible if you commit to the minimalist design style. But before we coach you on how simple it is to enjoy a “clean and serene” bathroom look, let’s delve a little bit more into the style of minimalism.

Minimalism is a design approach characterised by an emphasis on clean, open spaces instead of objects or accessories. Only the very basic furniture- and décor pieces are present in a minimalist space, along with some geometric shapes and a combination of usually not more than two colours. The main distinguishing features of minimalism include:

• Massive windows to usher in adequate light.

• A colour scheme created by halftones, the most popular being white and grey.

• Materials like chrome, steel, glass, plastic, ceramics, artificial- and natural stone, and textured wood. 

• Furnishings and accessories have simple geometric shapes.

• A lack of artsy décor. Instead, opt for a couple of minimalist paintings, one or two sleek decorations, and nothing more. 

• Flat, reflective surfaces with each piece of furniture having strict proportions and colour. 

• Horizontal or vertical blinds instead of curtains.

• Scattered light, with neon or halogen ceiling lamps often being used.  

So, let’s break down a sleek and stylish minimalist bathroom in 10 easy steps…

1. Empty out all your contents

You might be shocked to learn how much stuff you don’t actually need in your bathroom. How many moisturisers, shampoos, make-up kits, etc are taking up valuable space in there? 

2. Put back what you need on a daily basis

Luxe Living Meets Contemporary Comfort @ Happy Avenue Singapore Carpentry Interior Design Pte Ltd Minimalist style bathroom Marble White
Singapore Carpentry Interior Design Pte Ltd

Luxe Living Meets Contemporary Comfort @ Happy Avenue

Singapore Carpentry Interior Design Pte Ltd

If you don’t use it at least once a day, it needs to leave your bathroom. Keep those seldom-used items in a box somewhere out of sight, such as in your linen closet.

3. Create ample storage

Adequate storage is crucial if you want to enjoy a less-is-more look in your bathroom, preferably behind opaque, mirrored, or frosted cabinet doors. And if this means adding an extra cabinet to your bathroom, so be it. 

4. Keep surfaces clear

Courtyard House ming architects Modern bathroom
ming architects

Courtyard House

ming architects

Clear surfaces are key in a minimalist bathroom (or any other space, for that matter). Let it become a habit to clear those countertops of all hairbrushes, deodorants, shaving razors, and other items. 

5. Commit to cleaning

Gleaming surfaces go a long way towards making a space look more open, welcoming and serene. After all, what’s the point of having clear space if it’s filled with dust? Thus, be sure to give those surfaces a quick wipe-down when needed (at least once a day) to keep enjoying a perfectly minimalist bathroom. 

6. Opt for a very light colour palette

Don’t stray too far from white, off-white hues, or other neutral tints when deciding on what colour to paint the walls of your minimalist bathroom. Light-coloured walls make a space feel larger and airier, almost disappearing when paired with clean and clear surfaces. 

Should you want to embrace a bold hue, like Thunderstorm blue, make sure it doesn’t envelope the entire space. And the same goes with patterned surfaces – keep them on the down low! 

7. Ditch those old-fashioned fixtures

We’re not saying you should spend big money on designer faucets and top-notch lighting designs. Simple, streamlined ones can still be purchased at reasonable prices from home improvement stores. Just make sure they are as clean and subtle as the rest of the space. 

8. Go simple and clean with your shower space

No brightly coloured shower curtain sporting wild patterns – a glass door or soft-tinted curtain are your main options. 

9. Go with soft-coloured textiles

For your towels and window treatment, think of luxurious spas and stick to the same light-coloured fabrics they generally use. 

10. Keep accessories to the bare minimum

Design & Build: Melrose Condominium erstudio Pte Ltd Modern bathroom
erstudio Pte Ltd

Design & Build: Melrose Condominium

erstudio Pte Ltd

Don’t go for more than two decorative pieces. And keep in mind that Mother Nature is quite the skilled Interior Designer and Decorator, especially in minimalist spaces. Think of items like a single candle here and a piece of wall art there; or a glass of pebbles paired with a little bonsai tree…

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