10 pros and cons of one-storey homes

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It’s a major dream for many of us to leave behind a cramped little apartment and set off to a humongous mansion with more legroom (and bathrooms) than we can count! But hold on before you start searching for local Real Estate Agents in your area: is a double-storey (or triple-storey) home really all that it’s made out to be? Aren’t there any advantages that come from living in a single-storey house?

You bet there are! But as this is homify and we always aim to provide you with as much info as possible, keep an eye out for the few disadvantages that also come with living in a single-floor home.

1. Pro: Reduced construction costs

Opting for a smaller house definitely cuts down on the costs associated with purchasing and/or building property. But of course there are various factors that can influence this (such as location, the legroom of the house, etc.).

2. Pro: Maintenance is easier

One-storey homes are, on average, easier to maintain as everything’s on the same level. That means not having to drag a vacuum cleaner or loads of laundry up flights of stairs! 

3. Pro: Spending less on furniture and décor

Fewer rooms means having to buy fewer sofas, tables, beds, accessories, etc. 

4. Pro: Easier to navigate

A staircase is a nightmare when you have busy toddlers (or even fragile old people) in your home. Luckily, this risk is cancelled if your home has only one floor.

If you still want to decorate your home with potentially hazardous pieces (like glass-and-steel coffee tables with pointed corners, slippery tile flooring, etc.), then that’s on you! 

5. Pro: Reduced costs for heating / air-conditioning

If there’s less square footage that needs to be heated up or cooled down, then you’ll definitely notice a difference in your monthly bill amounts. Also take into consideration that multiple levels might also require extra features like fireplaces, which again leads to spending more money. 

6. Pro: Safer

Imagine your house is on fire. What’s going to be the quicker and easier option:

a) escaping through a ground-floor window, 

b) jumping out of a second-storey window, or

c) having to run down stairs (which may or may not already be engulfed in flames) in order to reach safety.

And keep in mind that one-storey houses, with wood frames, are regarded as the safest structures during an earthquake. 

7. Pro: Lower taxes

One of the biggest advantages of living in a one-storey home is the joy of paying smaller amounts in taxes than your neighbours in their high-rise home. 

8. Pro: Simpler to design

Thinking of building your dream home from scratch? Architects and other professionals in the construction industry agree that single-storey houses are much quicker and easier (and, thus, less expensive) to design. Which means you’ll be sifting through options for wallpaper and flooring materials much sooner than had you gone for a home with two- or three levels. 

One-storey houses are also easier to structurally engineer with prefab components, if that’s your thing. 

9. Con: Less privacy

Now, for the few drawbacks that come from calling a one-storey structure “home”.

Not everyone is fond of the idea of a neighbour knocking on a bedroom window to see who’s home. And while it’s true that not all one-storey houses means you’re very exposed, those with multiple levels do tend to be more secluded (especially if the more private rooms are situated upstairs). 

10: Con: A lack of space

Moving a large family into a one-storey home could lead to a cramped situation. And should you deem it necessary to expand your horizontal space, remember that you need to own more land if you intend to build on it. 

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Are you convinced that a one-storey home is the better option for you and your family?

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