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10 ways to breathe stylish new life into your old front door

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Even though your front garden / yard needs to remain neat at all times, your house’s front door is its main portal – and is just as important for kerb appeal and property value! Think about how many times friends and neighbours look at your front door or even walk through it. It is one of the most fundamental pieces in creating a first impression (good or bad) of not only your home, but of you!

The good news is that a front door upgrade is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of enhancing your home’s front exterior. The great news is that we have 10 tips for your consideration right here…  

1. Zhoosh it up with paint

Front doors are usually white or some other neutral shade, which makes the appearance of a front door in a bright colour (like Apple Red or Chartreuse Green) stand out that much more, especially if the rest of the house’s façade is made up of simple earthy tints. 

Study your front elevation and decide which colour will best enhance your siding and trim (just because you can paint it a shocking pink colour doesn’t mean you should!). With the right colour, your door’s style can even be influenced to make it look more elegant or modern…

2. Give it some new hardware

If that door’s colour is still good, consider updating its hardware (knobs, handles, mail slots, knockers, etc.). Maybe think about going from silver to gold (or the other way around) to give it a fresh new look. 

3. Give it a good cleaning

Sometimes a door just needs a decent scrubbing to make it look as good as new. If that’s the case with yours, grab a broom and vacuum cleaner to remove those cobwebs and dust. Then, turn to a soapy rag to remove its grime, muddy paw prints and oily fingerprints. Hose it down before drying it off to prevent water spotting. Easy peasy! 

4. Update its lighting

A single sconce or overhead bulb can make a great difference when it comes to safety and convenience. But how about some layered lighting for your front entrance? Matching sconces on either side of the door in addition to that overhead fixture? 

5. Play with accessories

Adding décor to your interiors is a great way of zhooshing up style and visual aesthetics, so why not do the same for your exteriors? We recommend laying down a doormat (with or without a clever saying) for wiping guests’ shoes. Then, if you have the space, considering adding a planter or two to incorporate colour, fragrance, and texture to your front entry. 

6. Choose a reclaimed design for authenticity

Entrance Porch / Green Oak Architects Scotland Ltd Country style corridor, hallway& stairs
Architects Scotland Ltd

Entrance Porch / Green Oak

Architects Scotland Ltd

Should a reclaimed front door sound like your best option, be sure to inspect it closely to ensure the wood is not warped or cracked. For historical accuracy, look to reclamation yards and specialist dealers who can offer advice on appropriate designs for the door itself, as well as ironmongery. 

And remember: if a suitable size is unavailable, most doors can be trimmed by up to 25mm without any unfavourable effects.

7. Give it a glazed look

Slate Stone Entrance Door Camel Glass Front doors Slate
Camel Glass

Slate Stone Entrance Door

Camel Glass

Is your home on a north-facing / low-rise property which makes it difficult to get enough light? A front door with glazing will help bathe your interiors (at least the entry portion) in natural brightness.

For a more contemporary and asymmetric look, incorporate glass on just one side of the opening above the doorway. 

8. Make it bigger

An oversized door transforms your entryway into a focal point, as it instantly makes a strong visual statement. But of course this is only a viable option if your house is large enough for a bigger opening. Remember that the door’s dimensions must still work in harmony with the proportions of the whole structure. 

It might be worth consulting an Architect to ensure the door complements the structural makeup of your façade and that it doesn’t look too ‘weird’ in its new oversized state. 

9. Add some functional trimmings

Protection from the weather? An extra wow factor? Sounds like a simple canopy positioned right over your front door for some extra shelter is what you need – if your budget allows for it, of course. 

10. Just buy a new one

Sometimes one just has to realise that something has come to an end and that it’s time to move on. If that’s the case with your old front door and it’s beyond repair, then replacement is your best solution. This could be your opportunity to opt for a completely unique front door (maybe in a bold colour, made of reclaimed material, slightly larger than the previous one… ).

But just make sure to select one that’s not only sturdy and durable, but also protects your family from intruders while looking visually pleasing at the same time. Wood, fibreglass, steel, aluminium and composite are some of the most popular materials for front doors in terms of sturdiness. Beyond that, you can also opt for numerous styles and other options such as glass inserts, sidelights, storm and screen doors for that exceptional wow factor.

Since we’re busy styling up those exteriors, how about these 7 ideas to help you choose paint colours for your house’s façade

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