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We all love to be in tune with the times! Our desire to learn about and follow the latest fashions also stems from that. Following the latest interior design trends helps you introduce changes that are appropriate for modern homes, suitable for small spaces and cost-effective.

The latest trends also make use of modern technology, creating more comfortable living conditions. Keeping up to date helps you explore various ways of recycling old furniture and other items of décor, as well as building a stylish interior.

It is true that our tendency to go with the latest trends is often loathed as it frequently induces us to mimic something which is neither suitable nor healthy. So we must be cautious while making our choices and select only such items that are useful and have an enduring charm. Today we will discuss the latest trends in furniture design! You will find ideas that are suitable for any space and usable under an array of living conditions.

Minimalist design

Minimalism is not exactly a new-found love. It has been in vogue for half a century or more. But, thanks largely to the cramped spaces of modern interiors, the necessity of having furniture with an unfussy look, clean and straight lines are increasing the day. Minimal furniture helps create a more expansive space. Rather than opting for lavish décor, insist on functionality. Stylise your interior with simple but chic chairs, couches and a coffee table.

Moulded furniture

'Callita' dining chair by Infiniti homify Dining roomChairs & benches Plastic Red

'Callita' dining chair by Infiniti


Verner Panton is credited with creating the first fully moulded furniture. Panton Chair appeared in the market in 1960s. Even after half a century it looks as trendy as before. Moulded chairs, stools and tables with a futuristic look can be introduced in a contemporary setting. Most of these are slender, lightweight and suitable for using in the living room, bedroom and balcony. You may deck up your open-plan kitchen-cum-dining space with futuristic chairs or bar stools. You can also consider buying moulded plywood or laminated wood furniture.

Modular furniture

Modular furniture is highly versatile, affordable and can easily be accommodated in any space. With its portable nature it can prove to be very useful for modern globe trotters. For minor repairing, you do not need to change or overhaul the entire piece either. Consider having modular bookcases, kitchen cabinets and storage units for your home.

Multifunctional furniture

Small apartment dwellers can benefit from investing in multifunctional furniture. Sofas that can double up as beds, stools and tables with storage space can prove to be very effective in keeping a home clutter-free. New and trendy designs can easily transform your interior with their stylish presence. By adding more storage space, you will create a cheerful home with more breathing space almost effortlessly.

Organic materials

Eco-friendly and sustainable designs are in. Organic rattan furniture is a must-have for every modern terrace or outdoor entertainment zone. But why think only of outdoors? Bring these organic features right inside your home! Jute, coir, cork, bamboo and reed grass are being used to create fashionable platform bed, chairs, benches and bar stools. Use them in your living room, dining area or bedroom. Many age-old techniques are being revived to give them a decorative effect. Buy natural wood furniture. They are an all-season favourite and will remain so for decades to come.

Recycling old pieces

Give your old furniture a new lease of life. You can customise your old bench to build a hall table. Consider building a dresser from an outdated wardrobe no longer in fashion. Use small stools as your bedside tables or as a platform to place flower vases in your living room or balconies. Paint them in bright colours. For a shabby chic feel use abrasive paper to create a rough texture. Give them a grunge effect by mixing paint with grit. Instead of hiding, see if you can highlight its imperfections and still manage to create a stylish piece of furniture.

Furniture with LED lighting

Kitchen shelves, counter tops and vanity units with LED lighting underneath are becoming more popular by the day. But to design a trend setting interior, bring home a dining table with an LED panel underneath. Apartment Palazzo, designed by Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris, boasts an onyx table with a backlit LED panel. You can also incorporate bedroom furniture with LED lighting. But use this technique sparingly, otherwise you may end up creating an overly dramatic interior. For a really dramatic home, learn how to create a stylish pitch black interior here!

Which of these styles is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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