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Walls of exposed stone or timber can make a big visual impact on our living spaces. Exposed wooden paneled walls can mean many different things to us. They might remind us of ski holidays, staying in exposed timber chalets or ski lodges. We may think of simple country living, or even a touch of luxury. It seems stone walls can have that same special effect. An unfinished look might remind us of old factory spaces, warehouses or lofts, which are now some of the most desired living spaces available.

We have compiled an ideabook for you with various walls of wood or stone, and tell you how you can best integrate them into your living area.

Stone walls in the kitchen

Being the robust, easy to maintain material that it is, stone is a perfect choice as a benchtop or splashback in the kitchen. A stone kitchen wall is also not only easy to care for, but is also an extraordinary eye-catcher. As shown here, indirect lighting has been used to visually highlight the structure of the wall: Our experts Bolz lighting design installed LED lights below the narrow cupboards above and below the benchtop to subtly illuminate the wall and floor.

Timber in the bathroom

Timber is often a material left out of the bathroom. As this example shows us perfectly, timber can bring life to your bathroom, and add a touch of country style living to your home. Using timber as an alternative to traditional bathroom materials such as tiles and concrete will make your bathroom pop, and when treated correctly, is just as water resistant. 

Timber and stone combined

In the bedroom of this beautiful Italian apartment we find a perfect example of the right way to combine timber and stone to great effect. The quaint and rustic wooden beams on the ceiling are in contrast to the modern design and decor of the whole room. However, another eye-catcher is the wall made ​​of natural stone in the right corner of the image. Instead of white wall paint, the designer chose a more robust stone wall covering. The reason for this is the bath, which has been cleverly integrated into the bedroom. 

Timber feature walls

For those of us who are a fan of wooden walls, but do not want to over do it and cover the whole wall with exposed timber, the option of a wooden wall feature is possible. Our experts from BS Wood Designs, for example, can build custom wall coverings to suit your tastes and budget. This is a mounted plywood wall on which individual timber elements have been glued together. As we can see in this project, placing a designer light in the centre accentuates the timber and draws attention to the feature wall.

3-D walls

Our experts Woodbox offer various wood paneling for walls. In this example, we see the variant staccato with a three-dimensional wood surface. The wall is built by fitting small pieces of timber together to make one wall. The natural colour variations and textures give individual character to every wall created. Note: all wood panels are handmade, and are easy to install due to a tooth connection.


When we think of unfinished or exposed brick walls, we immediately have a certain style in mind: the industrial look. Unfinished building materials in their natural tones are typical of this warehouse style living. To combat the issues that may arise with exposed unfinished flooring, our experts Berlin tile market can help achieve that warehouse look, while maintaining the ability to keep your floor clean.

Exposed brick bedrooms

Exposed brick may not spring to mind when thinking about your first choice for bedroom wall options. But the beauty of these white walls pictured might convince us to consider exposed brickwork to help guide us to sleep. In combination with the greys of the bed frame, bedsides and throw rug, the clean and calming tones of this bedroom combine perfectly, and become everything we need for a perfect nights sleep—relaxing and meditative. 

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