A Korean home with Nordic flair

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This lovely wood-frame Scandinavian-style home is located in the verdant South Korean countryside. It boasts a bright and airy ambience, soaring ceilings and the distinctive features that have made Scandinavian design so famous.

For those unfamiliar with the hallmark signs of Scandinavian design, you will soon notice vast expanses of wooden materials, minimalist furnishings and geometric tile-work. But the architects Woodsun, have also infused this home with its very own distinctive features as well. The firm specialises in the design and construction of wooden homes with classic peaked roofs, so they created some unique wooden elements sure to catch any home builders eye. Come with us on a photo tour to explore more!

A classic peaked roof

The exterior has a modern, streamlined look. Large areas are painted white, but the effect is softened by the interesting use of timber. While the front panel of the roof is painted black, the underside reveals golden timber panels. This is unified with the timber used on the ground level entrance area. It's a contemporary exterior, but the timber adds a warm that helps the home blend somewhat into the surrounding forestry.

Exposed timber beams

The interior has a spacious, airy quality set off by the soaring ceilings. Although the predominant colour palette is white, exposed timber beams and wooden floors add a very warm, natural feel to the home. These timber beams are used throughout the home.

Geometric splashback

We love the geometric splashback in this contemporary rustic kitchen. It's a classic Scandinavian design, and the monochromatic tones add a subdued, yet modern feel to the space.

But this is not the only feature we will explore in this kitchen today. The exposed timber beams we saw earlier have been used here to create a geometric ceiling feature. It's an unusual ceiling and the chunky exposed timber beams add to the simple, rustic nature of the home. It helps of course that the materials, textures and colour of the wooden dining table, floor and kitchen cabinets work as one.

Interior windows and openings

The great benefit to a peaked roof is that it creates some interesting ceiling spaces. While these are often turned into attic spaces, here we can see how the sharp slope can be used to create interior openings. These of course allow for lots of light to enter the transitional areas upstairs. They also give the home a large, more open feel. 

Finally, note the bold timber panels running along the top of the kitchen.

A simple child's bedroom

It can be tricky to integrate the design of a bedroom into the rest of a home's decor. This is particularly so in the child's bedroom where bright or bold colours are often desirable. But here, we can see how well timber beams and features work with childlike colours. A pale green-blue wall and simple coloured window make this room, quite simply, perfect for a small child.

High bathroom panel windows

We have noticed high panel windows in a number of bathrooms lately. They are great for providing light and without sacrificing privacy. Perhaps they even provide countryside views from this bathroom. 

Otherwise, this is definitely a simple, low maintenance bathroom. The simple etched shower screen and contemporary fittings complete the easy, minimalist feeling of the home.

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you are interested in Korean designers, you'll love Before and After: A Spectacular Korean Penthouse.

What do you think of the unusual wooden features in this home? We would love to hear in the comments field below!

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