What does your home say about you?

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Are you an adventurer? Do you have a penchant for organisation and cleanliness? Or are you someone who enjoys a certain level of mess within their abode? Houses are wonderful windows into the soul, and can illustrate many different elements of an individual's personality. Homes are highly personal and intimate spaces, areas we spend the largest portion of our life, and often a place we share with our loved ones. It is for this reason that we seek out a dwelling for comfort, safety, freedom and self-expression. 

So does your dwelling accurately describe who you are? Does its small quirks, stylistic details and features represent your individual persona and traits? Or is it perhaps a little intentionally or unintentionally unreliable? Our homes are façades, and we alter them to give the perceived notion or impression we wish to present. 

Read on below for some of the main areas of the home that can impart valuable knowledge regarding their owner. From sock drawers to wardrobes, there is plenty to be gleaned from taking a peek inside one's own home! 

Your front door

What it represents: essentially a window into your personality, the front door represents your façade and the way you wish to have yourself seen by others. The front door to your dwelling whether an apartment or a house can be highly symbolic of whether you are introverted, extroverted, or a little of both. 

Perhaps you have a brightly coloured door, or maybe you favour neutral hues and subdued tones, whichever your preference you are sure to tell a lot about yourself through your choice. According to colour experts, a red front door can indicate fearlessness and an ability to stand up and voice your thoughts. A blue door says you’re naturally at ease in most situations. Green front doors broadcast traditional values or conservatism, and black might demonstrate consistency, conservative beliefs, and a reserved nature.

Your sock drawer

What it represents: sock drawers are often a great insight into a person's personality and temperament. Often the most organised individuals express their need for chaos in strange areas of their house; sock drawers are one of these spaces. 

A survey has recently shown that orderly and detail-oriented people tend to have the messiest, most chaotic sock drawers. Experts hypothesise that people who are meticulous are more likely to spend time prioritising and organising more important parts of their lives. Additionally, Type A personalities, people that are competitive, outgoing, ambitious, impatient and/or aggressive are more likely to have messy sock drawers as compared to their Type B counterparts. 

Your bed

What it represents: your bed is a great way to tell a lot about a person! Beds can demonstrate how often a person exercises or how they feel about their job. For those who feel that making a bed is a frivolous task might be more inclined to dislike their job and avoid the gym. However, those who keep their sleeping space clean are clear are usually more satisfied in their daily life. 

One survey of 68,000 people found that those who make their beds are more likely to like their jobs and to exercise regularly. Psychologists say it could be because happy people aim for an ordered life (rather than a chaotic one). Does this relate to yourself, and do you find your bed is a more tidy area if you are happy and satisfied? 

Under your bed

What it represents: under-bed space is often an indicator of anxiety. Most individuals, even those with clean, organised houses, have hidden mess underneath their beds and in their closets. 

If however you are one of the few who doesn't, you are possibly a little obsessive and may be an anxious person. Social scientists hypothesise that the more anxious a person is, the more they try to control their environment. Ergo, if your bed, and indeed your entire house, is spotless, you may have an issue with control, anxiety or both. 

If you are having difficulty organising your home and need some tips and tricks from a professional, chat to an expert from our Professionals tab on homify. 

Your wall art

What it represents: wall art is a great indicator of personality, and can show many different traits in an individual. Additionally, wall art can show the level of neuroticism in a person. Are the pictures hung in a controlled manner? Or are they completely messy and uneven? These subtleties can show how a person functions and the way they are within both their life and home. 

Psychologists have found that inspirational quotes and posters are usually a sign of neuroticism. These people may try to use their environment as a way to calm their worries and help them through the day. Abstract art can mean the individual is creative and possesses an ability to look within themselves. Traditional art may illustrate a conservative streak, while the placement of the art is also quite telling. Are the pictures slanted or not quite straight? If this is the case the individual might have a careless streak, or enjoy a touch of disorganisation in their life. 

Your wardrobes

What it represents: wardrobes can be windows into the past, and also be fairly telling of one's ability to let go of of hold onto the past. Wardrobes, much like sock drawers, are areas that can easily hide personal items and are often a place to keep things concealed. 

Is your wardrobe filled with suits from your last job, old team uniforms, or clothes that no longer fit you? Perhaps you are in in love with some of the memories associated with those garments, and not the actual clothes themselves. Take stock of what you have in your wardrobe, audit the space, clean it out and see what is worth keeping and what is keeping you from moving on. 

Did this Ideabook get you thinking? If you would like some more home décor inspiration, check out Innovative home-storage solutions.

What do you think your home is saying about you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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