Some of Singapore’s most impressive residential designs

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Seascape Villa Word of Mouth House Tropical style living room
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When it comes to Architects and Interior Designers/Decorators, Singapore surely doesn’t need to stand back for the rest of the world. That is evidenced by just looking at this handful of prime residential designs crafted by some of Singapore’s most experienced professionals.

Some are family houses in residential neighbourhoods, others are apartments surrounded by bustling cityscapes. But no matter how the location (and even sizes, styles) of these examples differ, they all have one thing in common: they all exist thanks to the talent and dedication of some of Singapore’s most distinguished experts in the construction/design industries. 

Let’s be inspired by some of Singapore’s greatest designs…

House 1: A

Seascape Villa Entrance Word of Mouth House Tropical style houses
Word of Mouth House

Seascape Villa Entrance

Word of Mouth House

This seascape villa already has us enthralled at its front entrance, where oversized concrete pieces delicately guide us across a pond (with complementary reeds, even) towards the main entrance.

Notice the strong blend of various building/design materials coating up the house's exterior—concrete, wood, and even some lush landscaping touches. 

House 1: B

Seascape villa Living room Word of Mouth House Tropical style living room
Word of Mouth House

Seascape villa Living room

Word of Mouth House

Any reservation one might have had at the outside of this property completely vanished upon entry. How does this spacious open-plan layout, which seamlessly blends into the exterior parts of this home, grab you? More importantly, what’s your opinion on these modern furnishings and calming accessories scattered all over? 

House 2: A

Known as the 'Zig Zag House', this modern charmer shows us its commitment to going green by quite literally doing just that—at least when it comes to its unique roof design.

House 2: B

The 'wow' effect is copied perfectly for the interiors, only this time it's thanks to the natural wood floors, generous natural lighting flooding inside, and the super spacious layout that immediately has us daydreaming about where to place what furniture piece.

House 3: A

We may not have any exterior views of this property, but that's because its interiors are just too striking to compare with any outside façades. When was the last time you encountered wall- and ceiling designs that so successfully grabbed one’s attention? 

House 3: B

That swirly, twirly design continues into the more private areas of this property. Here, in the main bedroom, creamy whites and golden-brown hues combine with modern lighting designs to craft a sleeping space that seems straight out of a science-fiction fairy tale.

House 4: A

Sleek and stylish—that seems to be the theme for this modern kitchen with its chic monochrome colour palette, incredible cooking appliances, and the overall dedication to a neat and clean working space. Our favourite touches, however, is the delightful peppering of potted plants to help soften the harshness of the space's linear style. 

House 4: B

Now this is how you set up a shower to become a perfect focal point in a bathroom. Clad with miniature tiles in delightful ocean blues, this modern shower still manages to flaunt a clean and neat look to ensure it doesn't overthrow the stylish appearance of the rest of the bathroom (like that amazing floating vanity). 

House 5: A

Bedok Reservoir Rd Ovon Design Balcony
Ovon Design

Bedok Reservoir Rd

Ovon Design

Setting up some character or personality for any interior space is crucial. But don't limit yourself to just furnishings and accessories. This little dining space manages to become one of the most intriguing designs thanks to a myriad of touches, especially that glazing above the dining table which can ensure a most impressive starry ambience for your guests at that next dinner party.

House 5: B

Bedok Reservoir Rd Ovon Design Modern kitchen
Ovon Design

Bedok Reservoir Rd

Ovon Design

A hop and a skip away from the beautifully set-up dining area is the kitchen. And here, the same clean style continues to impress, especially with the way in which brighter colours pop out from select accessories like vases, crockery pieces, and even some children's art displayed on the fridge.

And since we brought up the topic of dinner parties, we feel this is the perfect time to show you these 6 tricks to soften your dining room design

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