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The homify guide to dressing living-room windows

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Living-room windows certainly present their share of problems. It’s not unusual to encounter angled bays and awkward curves in living room windows, making them very hard to dress. And what are the rules when it comes to privacy or filtering out the light?

Don’t stress – whatever your style of living-room window, we can help you dress to impress! And we’ll be doing just that while also being inspired by some of Singapore’s best interior-design experts…  

1. Voile: Filter the light

If a room has good insulation and heavy curtains aren’t required, voile curtains can be a light and airy alternative. They don’t block all the light, yet still allow for adequate privacy. 

For a modern look, opt for an easy-to-glide curtain rail (which might look even smoother after being sprayed with some silicone lubricant). For a more traditional vibe, stick to a regular curtain rail with rings. 

2. Start from the bottom

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Mint Green Living Room Roller Blinds

English Blinds

We’re not sure who the person was that decided blinds could be pulled upward from the bottom instead of vice versa, but they’re a genius. This allows privacy while still ushering in some light from outside. These wonderful blinds can easily be fixed to a windowsill before being pulled up along cords that line up with the window sash bars. 

On the other hand, regular pleated blinds can also be operated in their own unique ways to offer some privacy to a living room from the bottom or the top. 

3. Beautify a bay

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Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows

Plantation Shutters Ltd

Want to update your living-room bay window with some beautiful curtains? Most specialists sell curtain poles with 45° and 90° bends that allow for easy insert into the bay. Many people also opt for aluminium curtain tracking which they can bend themselves. 

Another idea is to hang a regular curtain straight over the bay from wall to wall. This neatly frames your bay window (and any seating area it may have) throughout the day, and effectively hides it with closed curtains at night. 

4. Let your furniture breathe

Thanks to their versatile styles and designs, Roman blinds can zhoosh up any room with some warmth and elegance. And when underlined, Roman blinds ensure extra cosiness and act as a perfect aid to help block out unwanted light. 

Just take note: If there’s a piece of furniture or décor underneath the Roman blind in your living room, ensure adequate breathing space between the blind and piece to avoid a cluttered, busy look. 

5. Cosy up with the right curtains

In some instances, nothing beats the right curtain, especially with certain design styles (like farmhouse or shabby-chic) or when one wants a wonderfully snug feeling in a space. And while it can be costly to have them custom made for your living room, they could last about 20 years if looked well after. Worth the investment, don’t you think? 

Just be sure to take correct measurements of your living room’s windows and ceiling-to-floor height before rushing off to the shops or curtain makers.

homify hint: Unless the rest of your living room is also covered in colour, opt for a neutral look for your curtains. Neutral colours like whites, greys, browns and beiges better complement furniture and accessories sporting brighter colours like blues, greens and reds.  

6. Mix and match

Who said you can’t experiment with different window treatments? There are certainly many options to try, like adding shutters (for flexibility and privacy during the day) to full-length curtains. Or a patterned roller blind behind some sheer voile curtains for extra colour/detail. 

In the end, only you can ensure what window treatment works best for your living room in terms of:

• Style/design

• Colour

• Detail (patterns, textures), and

• Functionality (does it allow extra light during the day / is it easy and cost effective to maintain). 

Next up for your inspiration, Interior design colour ideas: How to wow with white.

How will you be giving your living room’s windows some updated style?
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