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The kitchen is a vital part of the home, especially one which is owned by food connoisseurs. And in Italy, indulging in gastronomic delights is part and parcel of everyday life. So when Moovdesign were approached for the kitchen makeover in this contemporary Italian apartment, they were overjoyed to be able to put their creative talents to good use. The kitchen in this home was originally a boring little place, which lacked life, vigour and needed smartening up. But the architects managed to transform it into a visually delightful space where cooking is no longer a chore! So let’s take a closer look at how this magic happened…

Before: dull but with potential

The apartment had a closed kitchen before the makeover was rendered. It was not that small, but didn’t appear very spacious. The rich wooden flooring outside the kitchen paved the way for the architects at Moovdesign to come up with an inspiring new look for the kitchen. Note that the kitchen received ample sunlight previously, but couldn’t put it to good use. The space outside the kitchen was also bare, and lacked aesthetic appeal and colour. Now let’s see what happened after the transformation.

After: simply gorgeous

It was a wonderful idea to partially open up the kitchen and integrate it with the other areas of the home. This trick has enhanced the kitchen’s openness, and makes it appear more spacious and cheerful. The outside wall has been painted in a very pale turquoise and initially housed a long wall-mounted wooden workstation. It's the perfect spot for a foodie who works from home or is working on a project over the weekend and snacking in between. A minimalistic white chair and a couple of potted greens livened up the area, along with the bright lamps and the large quirky artwork.

The charm of white

The inside of the kitchen is now completely white, and looks pure and pristine. All except for the splashback area which now features bold, geometrically patterned tiles in shades of grey. Sleek cabinets offer ample storage space, while strong pendant lights illuminate the area vivaciously.

A functional twist

Later on, the kitchen was given a more utilitarian twist by introducing a bar counter or breakfast nook instead of the simple wall with a workstation. The wooden counter lends warmth to the predominantly white kitchen and holds quaint steel planters with vibrant flowers. Extremely stylish and chic modern bar stools have been added so that you can grab a quick bite or enjoy a drink comfortably. Also note how all appliances have been cleverly fitted inside the glossy white cabinets.

Intellectual pleasures

The love for books that the apartment owner harbours is quite evident from the in-built storage space beside the kitchen counter. It features simple shelves and a closed cabinet where books, magazines, journals and more can be stored. A quaint white and blue wooden chair sits in the corner under the lamps, and has been decked elegantly with indoor greens in white pots.

Finally: a truly enjoyable space

Just outside the kitchen, a simple wooden table has been laid with eclectic white chairs for dining pleasures. A vibrant artwork, a couple of potted plants, and delicately patterned runners complete the look. A glossy white wooden cabinet stands nearby for you to organise stuff or display knick-knacks.

The exciting makeover of this Italian kitchen is truly inspiring! It's an example of how a compact space can be a joy to live in too. For more ideas, here is another ideabook you can check out: From drab to divine: a Barcelona apartment transformed.

What do you think of this great kitchen turnaround? Let us know in the comments!

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