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Complete renovations which transform the aura of a building are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. And South Korea is no different. This spacious abode in Changwon was a dark, depressing and dilapidated structure before it received an amazing makeover from interior designers and decorators Seven Design. They perceived immense potential in every nook and cranny of the original bare shell, and came up with a resplendent home where aesthetics and modernism walk hand in hand. The abode is now bright, shiny, airy, and stunningly inviting! The right combination of materials, textures, designs and colours have rendered it quite irresistible. So get ready to witness the transformation without delay!

Before: drab, dreary and uninhabitable

It is evident that the living area of the house was spacious originally, but it was almost a nightmare! The wall finishes were peeling off in places, and the floor was an extremely sorry sight. The space needed to be opened up and the designers wanted to make it as sunny and well-ventilated as possible. The depressing ambience definitely needed a miracle to liven things up.

After: a dramatic makeover

Can you believe it is the same space we saw just? Rich parquet flooring coupled with a pristine white ceiling and walls conjure a breathtaking and expansive vision! The concealed lighting flaunted by the false ceiling adds to the drama of the living area, along with a quirky set of decor pieces suspended from the ceiling. Banks of quaint white shutters line two of the walls, and allow you to control the amount of sunlight flooding the space. When all of them are open, a stunning view of the landscape greets you while you are relishing your morning cup of coffee, or relaxing in the evening.

Before: nightmare hallway

It is unlikely that you would want to take a walk down this hallway… Its foreboding appearance would deter you for sure. What it needed was ample doses of cheer and positivity! And the walls flanking the passage had significant potential too, which the designers realised and made the most of.

After: a fun and functional space

Now it feels more like home, doesn’t it? Intelligent lighting and the sufficient use of pale hues has rendered the hallway a pleasure passage of sorts. The walls on either side flaunt glossy white floor-to-ceiling cabinets which provide impressive storage solutions. Their shiny surfaces reflect the hallway lighting in an aesthetic manner too. Geometrically-inspired black and white tiles line the floor for some monochrome magic. And a smart glass and wooden door at the end of the hallway urges you to explore the space that lies beyond…

Before: dark and dated

The kitchen was almost like a space which serves a definite purpose without any of its joy. The dark brown shade for the cabinets and plain-Jane flooring was a turn off. A sleeker and more chic approach was required, along with a hint of fashion and cosiness. So here is what the designers came up with…

After: eat, drink and be merry

A glossy grey finish forever changed the way the cabinets looked. The no-frills, streamlined finish of the kitchen combined with a clean white countertop and minimalistic steel fixtures offers more than visual delight now. All appliances have been fitted inside the cabinets neatly, and clever recessed lighting helps brighten up the space in the evenings. The parquet flooring continues here too, like in the living area, and infuses the space with warmth and tranquility.

Before: an unappealing tub

The original bathroom was almost claustrophobic, dull and immensely boring. The tub took up too much space in the corner, and the shower cubicle was virtually wedged in. The colours and lighting were uninspiring too. A major change was on the cards, naturally!

After: bathing pleasure guaranteed

A rearrangement in the layout of the bathroom caused this phenomenal change to happen. Dark blue and pale cream tiles now line the walls and add to the brightness factor. The floor has been retiled in a more elegant manner, and bright recessed lighting lends a happy vibe to the space. Instead of the bulky corner tub, a sleek, minimalistic tub now lies on the left. A half wall-and-glass partition keeps it separate from the open shower area on the right. The bathroom now looks far more open, spacious and breathable, right?

This South Korean abode is an example of what a complete makeover can achieve. A home which lacked even the tiniest bit of brilliance before can become a glorious sanctuary with creative renovation. Check out another Before and After story for further inspiration: Ooh la la! A French Apartment Transformed.

Which of these rooms do you like best? What do you think of the renovation? Let us know in the comments!

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