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7 storage ideas to save space in every room

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Although tricky, crafting out inventive storage spaces at home can be a fun challenge. Of course it also depends on how much space you actually have, how much more you need, plus how many of these storage-ideas of ours you can actually remember…

1. More storage space for your living room

Don’t scare off guests with piles of clutter in your most valuable socialising space. Start off by collecting all your small electronics (i.e. remote controls) neatly in one drawer / storage basket. 

Opt for furniture pieces that can help with storage (such as coffee tables with drawers and cubbies, ottomans that can be used as extra seating… ).

And those bookshelves? Remember to include “breathing room” in-between your books and other trinkets to avoid a cluttered look.  

2. More storage space for your bathroom

Clean lines, open space, and a minimal amount of accessories is what you should be focusing on. How about a three-tier vertical basket for grouping your toiletries together? Or mounting bars at the back of the bathroom door for holding extra towels? Or a wall-mounted vanity to clear up some legroom…

3. More storage space for your office

Clean, focused minds don’t do well in cluttered spaces. Thus, tackle your piles of paperwork before you do anything else to your home office / study. Keep cables and wiring out of sight, commit to electronic storage (and backup) instead of wasting more paper, and carefully scrutinise your library / reading material. Any books you know for sure you will never read again need to be donated / recycled. 

4. More storage space for your kitchen

Since the perfect kitchen is synonymous with hygiene, consider this the last room that should have any clutter. Annually, take decent stock of all your kitchen utensils, cookware, dishware and other goodies. Get rid of anything you won’t use anymore or are damaged beyond repair. Simultaneously, group similar items together (like spices, knives, etc.) for a more streamlined appearance. 

5. More storage space for your bedroom

Good luck chasing sweet dreams in a messy bedroom. One of the best ways to beat bedroom clutter is via built-in storage compartments. These are available in just about any furniture piece these days, from beds and side tables to ottomans. 

Alternatively, see which blank spaces in your bedroom can help out with storage, like adding a neat floating shelf to a wall; or opting for a headboard that can also display keepsakes. 

6. More storage space for your hallway

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Penthouse, Zurich

Studio Frey

Even a tiny hallway can be the ideal space to put some books, photos, and other accessories – even if it’s just a handful for some character.

Our favourite way? Floating shelves, which are available in limitless numbers of sizes, lengths, styles, shapes…  

homify hint: The best height for hallway/foyer shelves is about 1.5—1.8 m. And interestingly, it’s 1.2—1.3 m for living rooms and dining rooms for a more appropriate display height. 

7. More storage space for under your stairs

Got a staircase in your house? Are you sure valuable space isn’t currently going to waste underneath it?

One of the best space-saving storage ideas under stairs is to add appropriately sized furniture and accessories (like a chair or even a scatter pillow, slim bookcase, a potted plant or two, and some lighting) for an extra reading nook / sitting spot.  

homify hint: Why not get an Interior Designer/Decorator to help you construct a play spot / sleeping space under your staircase for your indoor pet? 

Since your choice in colour can also make a room seem bigger or smaller, we believe now is the time to get inspired by these Interior design colour ideas: How to wow with white

Do you know of any space-saving ideas we missed?
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