9 smart ways to ventilate your home

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Living in a city such as Singapore one quickly becomes accustomed to a certain level of humidity in the atmosphere. Most of the time this is something that is fairly easy to live with, until of course you might attempt a good night's rest on an overly balmy summer’s eve. Humidity is one of the top reasons we need to ventilate our houses and apartments correctly, and in doing so create a more liveable and restful sanctuary. Humidity is not simply uncomfortable in one’s abode, but it can also be highly destructive to the construction of the home, with mould, damp and water damage significant issues.

But where should you begin when deciding to increase and improve ventilation in the home? Luckily, there are plenty of different ways you can improve your dwelling’s airiness and ventilation. Today on homify we are going to take a look at 9 top tips to better ventilate; increasing your abode’s comfort, structural integrity and consequently its longevity. Read on to learn more and get started today!

1. Open those windows!

First things first, and probably most obviously, you simply need to open your windows! Opening windows is a simple step to letting in some fresh air, with the breeze drastically improving your dwelling's overall ambience. 

2. Install an air conditioner

Next up, you might want to consider installing an air conditioner. In Singapore temperatures can rise considerably, and without a 'cool' season, you home can easily become sweltering. 

Furthermore, if your current air conditioner is old and starting to work efficiently, you should purchase a new one to improve energy usage in your home. 

3. Install vents in the walls

Installing vents in the walls is a great way to improve the overall circulation of air and ventilation of your residence. This might seem tricky in an apartment building where you are unable to alter the structure of the dwelling, so chat to a professional for some expert advice. 

4. Focus on your utility room

The utility room is easily an area that benefits from better ventilation. Generally, this space is one of high humidity, and installing some ventilation, such as a fan, will drastically improve the ambience and atmosphere. 

5. Buy a decent exhaust fan for your kitchen

As well as the utility room or laundry, a kitchen is another interior space that requires good ventilation. You definitely do not want odorous food smells wafting through the house, and for this reason an exhaust fan will be your saviour. 

6. Take a look at your bathroom's ventilation options

Another siginigicant interior space that requires good ventilation is the bathroom. Here you should look at the percentage of humidity within the area, and implement exhaust or air purifying measures.

7. Purchase a fan

One of the simplest ways to improve ventilation is with a simple fan. There are many different types of fans you can purchase, including:

• ceiling fan

• freestanding fan

• table fan

As well as numerous additional varieties that can look stylish as well as enhance your home's ventilation. 

8. House plants

House plants not only look great, they purify the air as well. When combined with good air flow, assisted by an indoor fan, house plants will drastically improve the air within your dwelling, reducing carbon dioxide and removing harmful airborne toxins. 

9. Get an air purifier

Finally, and very importantly, an air purifyer will help your home achieve a level of healthy ventilation. Air purifyers are commonplace these days, and are available to suit a range of different budgets. Choose one that will fit the size of your dwelling, and watch the air quality within the home improve significantly. 

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Do you have any other ventilation tips for our homify community? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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