The magical makeover of a one-room apartment

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Busan is South Korea’s second largest city, packed with many apartment complexes to house its population of 3.6 million people. The city is a cultural and economic centre of the country, and has a large working population. Compact apartments are the biggest draw in this city, and are easy on budget and maintenance. One such apartment is this; a one-room comfy abode in Busan that strongly needed some redesigning. Design Mellow, interior specialists and decorators have turned this space into an unbelievable cosy haven for the busy working professional. It is now a warm, welcoming and bright home, where utilitarian values and aesthetics have received equal importance. Hard to believe? Take a tour and see for yourself!

Before: a drab and lifeless space

The one room that you see is the space available for living, cooking, dining and sleeping. Not much thought had gone into this room previously, going by the lacklustre floor and the dull walls. The area lacked snug and tasteful furnishing, and a homely touch. The lighting was very basic and relied on one square white light in the centre of the ceiling. What this room needed was a breath of fresh air, and most importantly colour. Let’s see how the place has been transformed now…

After: a cosy home emerges

The redesigned apartment is now a charming space for a single professional to come home too. The space has been cleverly filled up with practical, comfy and modern furniture to make it homely. The large glass doors of the apartment now have curtains on either side, that not only lend a personal touch but also give privacy. While the wooden flooring has been retained, it has been given a different touch with the yellow lighting. A trio of quirky pendant lights have replaced the boring white light in the centre of the room, while more stylish lighting has been fixed over the kitchentte too.  A sideboard holds the tv and other electronic items, while you can catch a glimpse of the bed and study area at the far end. Enough space seems to be available for everything!

Chic and practical

One end of the room has been transformed into a lounging corner. The bold black sofa with its patterned cushions spells comfort and luxury. Notice that the coffee table in the centre is a very modern one, with foldable legs that can be put away to make more space when needed, or made into a floor stool! This mini living area is obviously the star of the apartment, going by the star shaped pattern on the floor rug here. It overlooks a television set and is strategically placed behind the compact kitchenette. So you can watch your favourite program even when you are cooking!

A bright, snug sleeping space

Given the small area of the apartment, creating a bedroom area was probably the toughest move. While traditional belief would be to box in this area, the architects have given a refreshing take on this bedroom by inviting openness. The large bed is separated from the rest of the room by a simple box shelf rack that also holds a bedside lamp, books, knickknacks etc.

Simple, stylish touches

A small nook for little personal effects has not been forgotten. This thoughtful black floating wall rack above the bed, holds the alarm clock and some inspirations right where you need them. It is evident that the owner is an ardent fan of the world of animation.

A thoroughly liveable space

The no-nonsense table at the end of the room can serve as a work surface or even a dining table if the need arises. The cactus probably acts as the division between the work zone and the entertainment lounge on the left! Everything in this apartment is stylish yet functional. Even the cactus fits into the scheme of things; a simple plant that takes care of its self, and adds a hint of nature!

The architects Design Mellow have achieved the impossible - making a home out of a room with no compromise on any element, be it functionality, style or comfort. It is a great place to come home to after a hard day at work.

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Has this transformation inspired you? How have you decorated your one-room apartment? Let us know in the comments!

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