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A fabulous feature light is one of the best things you can do to upgrade your home. It will draw the eye upward and add a little inspiration to any room. The great thing about feature lights is that they use vertical space, not ground floor space. This means that (yay!), small homes are not at a disadvantage.

Feature lights can also be used to create zones within your living space. So a tiny table can be turned into a posh dining zone in one stylish move. The possibilities are endless, so today, we will explore just 12 of the fabulous feature lights we have come across on homify. Enjoy!

Floral inspiration

This floral feature light is delicate, delicious and utterly romantic. It's perfect with this rustic dining room, but would work just as well in a modern, minimalist white room as well.

Driftwood drama

Driftwood chandeliers Julia's Driftwood HouseholdHomewares
Julia's Driftwood

Driftwood chandeliers

Julia's Driftwood

The trend for all things green, earthy and upcycled has finally hit the lighting scheme. Gorgeous old knots and twists have been allowed to shine in this driftwood feature light. If you have the DIY spirit, make one yourself!

Feather lights

We are a little bit in love with these feather lights. They add a feather-light and ethereal feel to this glassy living room. If you feel like your home is a little too heavy in a visual sense, they might be the perfect counterpoint.

Spiderweb feature light

This magnificent feature light resembles a gorgeous spider-web. It's delicate, definitely inspirational and comes to us courtesy of Yurov Design.

Industrial inspiration

Industrial piping is just one of the most flexible materials in the DIY decorators arsenal. Pieces can be fitted and twisted to create any form of furniture or lighting fixture. Here we have a great industrial light feature with just some cool pipe and a beautiful tangle of retro bulb lights.

Natural drama

We couldn't help but include another driftwood feature light. This time, we can see the possibilities for creating drama with shadows. If you want to create this effect, just pop the bulb in the centre of the piece and direct it upwards to cast these cool shadows.

Angel wing light

This angel wing light is another feather-light feature light to capture the imagination. This one is a little more unusual and may suit the more adventurous decorator.

Bold dining lights

Metallics are definitely in at the moment. These silvery spheres do a great job of creating a zone around this dining area. They are bold and distinctive, without adding to the visual weight of the room.

Gold metallic lights

The electrical cords that dangle from gold metallic feature lights are often overlooked. While white and transparent cords are popular, consider the possibilities of creating cool, curvy shapes like this!

Delicate bulbs

If you have just vowed to go out and get some bold spherical lights, you may reconsider after checking out these tiny little beauties. They cascade from the ceiling and add an otherworldly beauty to this living room.

Retro-style globes

Retro-style globes are now available in styles that cast a gorgeous yellow globe without the environmental damage. Just check out these babies.

Bedside lamps

These cool bedside lamps certainly jazz up this all-white bedroom. The black electrical cord has been turned into a true work of geometric art!

If you're all fired up with decorating spirit, you'll need to read Using colour: the different effect of tones and hues.

Which of these feature lights is your favourite? Let us know in the comments field below!

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