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Shipping containers are by far one of the most innovative and intriguing ways to build a house. Originally employed in the 1960s, container dwellings are enjoying a huge resurgence, possibly due in part to the high demand for low-cost housing around the world. One of the most well-known examples of shipping container architecture is the Redondo Beach House. Designed in 2007 by Peter DeMaria, this unique residence is considered to be the first real container home in North America. 

Shipping container dwellings are seen throughout Asia, utilised for both residential and commercial purposes. In Singapore we see many new buildings incorporating shipping containers as a stylish and original way to lower costs, and provide functional working and living spaces. One particular example is a soccer academy that set up their supporting facilities in several containers. These are used for offices, changing rooms, storage and an eating space. As well as saving money, these containers are climate appropriate, ensuring insulation and a comfortable environment. 

So what are some of the reasons for domestic shipping container popularity?

• Shipping containers are highly customisable, allowing customers to personalise them to their own tastes and preferences. 

• Affordability of shipping containers is a definite plus, ensuring individuals keep their budget low, allowing expenditure on other essentials. 

• They are easily recycled, improving their sustainability rating.

• They are widely available throughout the world, stronger, and far more durable than traditional structures. 

If you would like to take a look at some fabulous shipping container homes, check out the images below, and gain a little inspiration for your dwelling today!

Chic black container home

Designed by Uni-Box, this chic black container home is anything but boring! Situated in a picturesque area of Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, it is named “tteurak” meaning garden house, and rightfully so. 

This dwelling is impressive and upon first viewing the home we notice its stark contemporary aesthetic. The black façade is attractive, while the interior comes replete with a modern floorplan. As an additional bonus, the inside of the home boasts an indoor garden with terrace that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. 

The floorplan

Next up we take a look at the floorplan of the dwelling. A simple arrangement of rooms, this is designed as a family residence with open plan living room, kitchen and dining area. Furthermore, the master bedroom is located on the first floor, which could easily be converted into a guest suite if needed. 

We can also see the staircase that provides access to the second floor, which features another master bedroom, child's room, bathrooms and spectacular sundeck with views of the South Han River. 

A container house kitchen

In the kitchen we see many similarities to other modern, more traditional cooking spaces. However, this kitchen is different. Due to the restrictions of the container ship, this kitchen is compact. This aside, the cooking area still encompasses all the required amenities for comfortable 21st-century living. 

The colour scheme is welcoming, and the area comes complete with ample storage, minimal décor, and a refreshing ambience. 

Stylish white container house

This Seoul based dwelling is the next container house we are taking a look at. Designed by AAPA Architects, this is one dwelling that surely stands apart from the rest. Boasting a living space of 68 square metres, this residence has been built to accommodate a family with three children. 

Unique, original and highly inventive, this container dwelling is spread over three floors, with walls clad in birch plywood. Wallpaper is also employed extensively, adding homeliness to the stark industrial feel of the containers. 

A yin-and-yang container house

The black and white colour scheme of this intriguing shipping container home evokes a sense of yin and yang balance. Boasting a spacious interior, the home occupies a 400 square metre plot, and was built for a retired couple with a large collection of LP records.

Designed by Shin-Chan Colour House, the second floor of this home has been transformed into a vibrant café. Here the space is filled with music, films, and makes the most of the scenic surroundings. 

Colourful container houses

Wow! These bright beauties are fabulously vivid and vivacious. Owned by Jjuuk Guest House, these shipping containers are utilised as holiday rentals, and come replete all the necessary modern amenities. With the sleeping quarters located on the top floor, the lower floor is an expansive dining area for guest entertaining. 

An impressive holiday retreat

Another Uni-Box design, this container house is elegant and playful with its bright and inviting colour scheme. The home is a weekend getaway for a small family and is as charming indoors as it is out. 

Inside, the open plan living, kitchen and dining are the focal point of the dwelling. Huge glazed openings bring an immense volume of natural light into the home, boosting its warmth and inviting ambience. The master bedroom features an ensuite bathroom, and is surprisingly spacious given the abode's size. Outdoors the barbecue area is a fabulous spot to grill and relax during the holidays. 

Environmental symbiosis

Located in the idyllic Northern Ireland highlands this is the ultimate shipping container home! Designed by Patrick Bradley Architects, this is one of the first container homes in the region. Named after the river of Grillagh Water that passes by the house, the residence boasts luxury features such large spa bathroom. 

The green building

Container home front street view homify Modern houses Iron/Steel

Container home front street view


At homify we are always on the lookout for eco-friendly dwellings that enhance their landscape without any detrimental effects. The container house above has been designed by ECOSA Institute, and is the epitome of sustainable-chic. Environmentally friendly and stylishly sophisticated, the home is fitted with solar panels and energy efficient lighting. Additionally, the residence also boasts facilities for rain and snowmelt harvesting. Neat, inventive and highly sustainable, this is the ultimate contemporary shipping container home. 

Are you tempted by a container home? If you want to keep reading, check out: 9 ingenious storage solutions for your balcony.

Would you like to live in a shipping container home? Which of these examples do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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