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9 decorating ideas for your 2021 garden

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Chameleon Villa Bali Word of Mouth House Tropical style corridor, hallway & stairs
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A new year deserves a new look, don’t you agree? So how about we consider fresh ways to freshen up our outdoor spaces like our yards and gardens

But do you even have a clue how to start transforming your back/front garden into a value-boosting, visually pleasing design?

We might have some ideas…  

1. Get your lawn looking right

Chances are your yard’s lawn takes up the most space, which puts the onus on you (or your professional Gardener / Landscape Architect ) to give it a neat and fresh style. And remember: there are other shapes aside from rectangles, so why not give your lawn an oval, circle, or oblong shape instead? 

2. Plan before you plant

Summer display under English Oaks Red Daffodil Classic style garden
Red Daffodil

Summer display under English Oaks

Red Daffodil

First decide on your structural plants before you choose which pretty, flowering ones you want to include. Such as adding evergreen shrubs at the end of each border and including small shrubs (like box balls) or large evergreens for bigger spaces. Once this frame is finished, add detail via your pretty flowers, but don’t include more than five or six different types to avoid a busy look. 

3. Adding trees

Chameleon Villa Bali Word of Mouth House Tropical style corridor, hallway & stairs
Word of Mouth House

Chameleon Villa Bali

Word of Mouth House

Mature trees have the power to block the sun (if that’s what you want), set up anchor for shade sails, and help with a hanging chair and pendant lights plus other hanging decorations. But remember they can also help screen an unappealing view or block noise/air pollution in case your home is near a busy road.

And let’s not forget how trees help convert air-borne carbon dioxide into oxygen, provide pollen for insects, shelter for birds, etc. 

4. Beautiful paving

Your paving’s colour and style can greatly influence your garden’s design. For example, opting for grey and white stone designed in a random pattern can help set up a French country look. Or how about some golden stone arranged in a mixed pattern for a charming English garden look and feel? 

5. Creating different levels

While many gardens are laid out on sloping terrains, not all of them love the idea of incorporating stone steps for easy access. To achieve a seamless look with your lawn, try enabling the flow from one end to the other without resorting to steps/stairs. 

Decking, with split levels and steps, can also be a cost-effective option for levelling out an uneven terrain.

6. Outdoor furniture

Terrace House at Robin Road Quen Architects Asian style garden
Quen Architects

Terrace House at Robin Road

Quen Architects

Don’t slouch on quality when it comes to outdoor furniture. Investing in a proper set means you’ll add that extra style and functionality to your outdoors for years and years to come. But whether you opt for a dining set, loose chairs or outdoor sofas, consider the space and ensure you leave adequate legroom for comfortable movement. 

homify hint: Not privy to lots of outdoor space? Save some and opt for folding furniture that can quickly and conveniently be moved and stored away when needed. 

7. Remember your boundaries

Seascape Villa Entrance Word of Mouth House Tropical style houses
Word of Mouth House

Seascape Villa Entrance

Word of Mouth House

As boundary fences, walls or hedges may be the biggest element in view, especially in small gardens, it’s critical that they look neat and stylish. But even though they don’t all need to be alike, do establish visual links between them. For instance, add grow climbers to them in coordinating colours for a refreshing style. 

Just remember to check with your neighbours on whose fence it is and ask permission before starting any work.  

8. Integrate your accessories

Japanese Style Garden Unique Landscapes Asian style garden
Unique Landscapes

Japanese Style Garden

Unique Landscapes

The easiest way to integrate garden ornaments into your outdoor space is to add them in with the planting. And when it comes to bigger pieces, like fountains or sculptures, carefully consider the size in relation to your outdoor space. 

A too-small fountain will easily look lost while a too-big one can overwhelm the space (plus can devalue your home). 

9. Build a garden room

L. Shaped Garden Office Garden Affairs Ltd Country style garden
Garden Affairs Ltd

L. Shaped Garden Office

Garden Affairs Ltd

How about adding a garden room to really maximise and extend your outdoor space? Use it as a home office, a yoga studio, or even an extra bedroom for overnight guests. 

So, what is the key to successful garden decorating? Seeing your garden as more than just a plant zone and thinking of new ways to make it functional and practical (dining, swimming, playing… ). 

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