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14 spring-time ideas to freshen up your terrace

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If you’re lucky enough to have your own little piece of outdoor space in the form of a terrace, porch or balcony, then first of all, congratulations! Secondly, how are you planning on showing your appreciation? This can be done in the form of:

a) Giving it the correct design style according to its intended usage;

b) Maintaining its look and cleanliness to aid in its potential and longevity.

Now, we certainly can’t check up on you to see how your terrace is maintained. But we can definitely share some secrets when it comes to giving your terrace some style and functionality…  

1. Your own high-rise socialising spot

Contemporary Intricacies Meter Square Pte Ltd Balcony Solid Wood Brown
Meter Square Pte Ltd

Contemporary Intricacies

Meter Square Pte Ltd

How about this super practical (and stylishly designed) outdoor paradise? And bonus points for that turf adding some fresh lushness to the design.

2. The real deal

Should you decide to go the natural route in terms of green plants, and you have the outdoor legroom, may we suggest lots and lots of them? It ups that lushness factor while also cleansing your terrace/balcony air.

Just ensure to leave adequate room for your décor, furnishings, and moving about. 

3. Bring it back in

Project 5Room Resale "Eclectic Urban Industrial" Chapter 3 Interior Design Industrial style living room
Chapter 3 Interior Design

Project 5Room Resale Eclectic Urban Industrial

Chapter 3 Interior Design

Not too keen on your own outdoor space? How about closing it up and scoring some extra indoor legroom for more furnishings, decor, etc?

4. Make your views count




On the other hand, it’d be a real tragedy closing off a stunning view like this. Can you just imagine what this outdoor dining area, complete with sun awning and potted plants, contribute to this property’s value? 

5. Find the right furniture

Just like your interiors, your choice in terrace furniture will depend on that space's function. For instance, these super comfy outdoor furnishings are more conducive to lounging and relaxing than a formal sit-down dinner, right? 

6. Add character and detail

Some exciting colours and patterns, like these eye-catching tiles, don't take up physical legroom, yet still make a BIG difference in terms of visual style

7. Look up

Does your terrace ceiling perhaps have potential to do this—or something equally stunning? 

8. Longing for a lawn?

Not one to dream about outdoor tile designs and wooden decking? Then fill it up with grass instead and plant some trees to up your property’s lushness factor.

9. To the window, to the wall…

Interior Photography - Shiya Studio Shiya Studio Singapore Modern living room
Shiya Studio Singapore

Interior Photography—Shiya Studio

Shiya Studio Singapore

Don't overlook the style power of your windows—remember, they also add visual emphasis to both your indoor space(s) and outdoor terrace!

10. Make it a joint effort

Even the slimmest, tiniest sliver of a terrace or balcony can still enjoy a touch of elegance and style via the right art pieces. But don’t discount what you put into your adjoining interior space, whether it’s the living room, kitchen, etc. 

See how these striking interiors visually blend into the exterior terrace space?

11. Glass is good

Bedok Reservoir Rd Ovon Design Balcony
Ovon Design

Bedok Reservoir Rd

Ovon Design

Thanks to major glazing, this interior dining zone feels like it should be an exterior terrace. Can you imagine enjoying a meal here while watching light rain pouring from above? 

12. Enjoying the view without the wind

Kingsford Waterbay Ovon Design Balcony
Ovon Design

Kingsford Waterbay

Ovon Design

Dreaming about a little outdoor dining zone, yet worried about how the elements will affect it? This balcony terrace had the same problem before it got treated to that practical screen which still allows adequate city views to filter through!

13. A clever dining nook

Thanks to this sloping property, that terrace becomes a prime selling point thanks to its “higher” view, cleverly placed awning to shut out the sun, and adequate legroom to enjoy a hearty meal with loved ones.  

14. Add water

Interior Design Designer House
Designer House

Interior Design

Designer House

If you have the space and the budget (and the right professionals), then how about adding some tranquillity in the form of H2O and a water feature to your terrace?

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