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Creating a warm and welcoming home is no easy feat; there are many design challenges that can present tricky and often perplexing tasks. So what is it exactly that defines a welcoming home? We believe it is a sense of hospitality, an area in which one can safely and securely reside, with a feeling of comfort and restfulness. A welcoming and warm home should be a place of relaxation where gathering with friends and family is done in a calm and peaceful environment. Today on homify we are travelling north-west over the Bay of Bengal to the city of Surat, situated in Gujarat, India. Within this bustling metropolis, architects Image n Shape, have combined tradition with contemporary 21st-century amenities to create a dwelling that possesses all of the aforementioned welcoming qualities.

Marvellously decorated in bright colours, luscious textiles, and quality furniture, the house provides a sense of functionality, along with elements of playfulness. Designed with family living in mind, the residence boasts several different reception rooms, as well as areas for different members to socialise and enjoy each other’s company.

If you would like to take a tour inside this intriguing modern abode, check out the images below, and begin planning your next home makeover today!

The entrance with an amber glow

As we approach the entrance of this house we are presented with an impressive gate and colourful archway. Here the traditional Indian design is clearly seen, and this is paired with a more modern dwelling situated behind the fence. The turquoise gate is a highlight, attracting individuals with its bright and graceful hue.

To further decorate the space, elephant decals have been painted below the wall mounted lighting. To top off the aesthetic, and provide that extra feeling of warmth and hospitality, a yellow garland of canary-yellow marigolds sits above the entrance.

An entertainer's courtyard

Next we step onto the rich terracotta tiles of the warm and welcoming courtyard. Lined with an eclectic selection of potted tropical plants, the space has a relaxed and mildly exotic ambience. The simple pendant lamps emit a golden glow and dark wooden window frames serve as an effective visual contrast. This simple courtyard is a wholly inviting space in which to entertain guests late into the summer night.

Weather-friendly relaxation area

Taking our first steps inside the house, we are privileged to view the first reception room. Often entrances are designed to be seen rather used, we notice that this space is far different. Here a swinging chair takes centre stage, functioning as a gorgeous area for rest and relaxation.

The terracotta tiles are continued through this space, with their high-gloss finish reflecting the amber ceiling light above. This room is ornate, quaint, and yet highly luxurious. It is decorated with glamour in mind, all the while ensuring it is versatile, practical and effortlessly liveable.

A regal reception room

Within the formal living room we see the plush refinement continued, while the ambience is far more prescribed and ceremonial. Rich timber furniture is coordinated with lavish throw cushions and silk embroidered textiles. The décor is elaborate, focusing on a sense of kingly majesty, and ensures guests feel treated to a welcoming and traditional experience.   

Additionally, the wall design and timber ceiling beams add a beautiful touch that evokes feelings of regal luxury. This room is a successful attempt to create a space that not only feels welcoming, but is also sleek, with a contemporary chic Indian aesthetic.

Cosy and comfortable

As if the first two rooms weren’t enough, this home also boasts an additional play room for the children. Set up a little like a home theatre, this area is vibrant, engaging and super-fun! The lighting is subtle, whereas the throw cushions and soft furnishings provide playfulness and energy.

The bright yellow wall hue adds a sense of cheer to the space, and is paired with exposed timber beams overhead. Twin beanbags, along with the sofas provide ample seating for the wall-mounted television situated on the back wall.

The perfect dining room for a fabulous event

Next up, we visit the dining room. Cosy, alluring and wonderfully welcoming, this is definitely a place you can imagine sitting with friends and family, sharing food and stories. The artwork upon the walls is a nice touch, as is the inlaid flooring that helps define the dining area as a formal eatery, and a gorgeously stylish space.

The exciting child's bedroom

For one final peek inside this home we are taking a look at the child’s bedroom. This room is outrageously fabulous for any little one as it boasts a huge king size bed, colourful yellow walls, and bright red blind. The built-in cupboards are practical and efficient, ensuring this space stays clean, tidy and always organised.

The flooring is a high -loss white colour, which may seem impractical, but is actually brilliant in ensuring the room is easy clean, and easy to spot dirt or grime.

This home has been a real treat to tour. Not only is it comfortable and warm, but the architects have managed to create a dwelling that blends traditional aesthetic sensibilities with more modern necessities. And the result? A home that bursts with personality and originality, effortlessly creating a warm and welcoming abode.

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What elements did you like (or dislike) about this Surat home? We'd love to hear from you, leave us a comment below!
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