14 pictures that show what colorful upholstery can do to your home

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As a famous saying goes, “The devil is in the details” when it comes to decorating a home. And upholstery is one such detail that cannot be an afterthought. The beautiful pieces of furniture that you have so painstakingly chosen for your living room, den, dining area, or even the pool area, will look lackluster unless you upholster them right. Especially, colorful upholstery can do wonders to any space, as long as you don’t overdo it or balance it perfectly with the other elements in the room. For instance, a sunny yellow and stylish armchair can lend fun and character to an otherwise pastel living room. Or, a bright blue sofa can liven up a dominantly white and grey room. So, if you are keen to know more and need ideas, check out these 14 pictures. 

1. Pops of blue

A pair of bright blue ottomans is the conversation-starter in this otherwise sober living room. They liven up the beige, grey and white palette beautifully. Note how a couple of bright blue cushions on the sofa do the balancing act. 

2. Eccentric and snazzy

It’s hard not to fall in love with this unique chaise lounge with its multicolored upholstery. Purple, blue and a hint of yellow make it a stunner. The rest of the space is a wood and grey affair that lets the chaise lounge shine. 

3. Fiery surprise

This bright orange and super trendy sofa uplifts the mood in this study room effortlessly. A couple of red bolsters and a grey-blue ottoman go nicely with it. We love how it’s set against an interesting white and brick-finish wall too.

4. Shades of blue

A bright blue sofa and a fashionable armchair in a darker blue make this living room eye-catching. The muted shades on the walls and floor have allowed these two pieces to be the star of the show. Credit goes to the interior designers and decorators at Designer House. 

5. Drop of sun

A single bright yellow and plush armchair is the focal point of this spacious living room. We love how the yellow has been incorporated in the cushions of the other chairs. 

6. Old-world and cozy

This burgundy leather sofa is super comfortable, and makes a rich, bold statement too. The cushions contrast it beautifully, while the rug and coffee tables complement it. 

7. Orange is the way to go

A single, chic armchair upholstered with bright orange fabric makes you go “wow” in this common area. With everything else in soothing gray, beige or white, this chair stands out easily. 

8. Of solids and stripes

When it comes to upholstery, playing around with shades and patterns can be interesting, when done in moderation. For example, the armchairs in the living area features bold stripes, while the chairs in the dining space are pastel blue. 

9. Power of red

Red, especially when used in a predominantly white or cream environment, can look energetic, bold and special. This is why this sunny and contemporary living room appeals to the sense with its peppy red chairs and cushions.

10. Blue meets fun

A peppy blue sofa with multicolored cushions is the centre of attraction in this bright white bachelor pad. Superhero wall decals and dark dining furniture go well with the sofa.

11. Oceanic hues

Colorful upholstery doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be super bright or glaring. This relaxed and sprawling living room with its pastel blue seating arrangements shows why. We love how shades of the ocean have been embraced by the ottomans, sofas, as well as the cushions.

12. Eclectic touch

While white and light-hued wood dominate most of the space here, the multicolored and printed upholstery on the chairs grabs eyeballs. They lend liveliness and cheer to the setting. 

13. Poolside pizzazz

The poolside patio here gets an exciting lift with the sleek rust and black sofa as well as a couple of semicircular armchairs with tufted blue upholstery. The rest of the space is a white and cream affair to balance things off. 

14. Hint of warmth

This sunny and large living space is mostly about muted and soft shades, like cream, beige and white. But what gives it a quirky and exclusive touch is the brick-colored armchair with a matching footstool.

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