24 Soft and Beautiful Rugs for all styles

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From the Aladdin's magic carpet to the red carpet welcome, the luxurious rug has always been a part of our fantasy world. However, in modern homes, the wall-to-wall carpet is outdated, and it has gracefully replaced by area rugs that are more practical to use and affordable. Choosing the right rug for your home can be overwhelming with various styles, materials, patterns, and sizes to choose from; it is sometimes confusing. The interior designers and decorators love to experiment with the rug to make an impactful statement on the floor. They make the unsung hero of the home décor sing, elevating the elegance and style of the décor. Let's scroll down the stunning collections of rugs to get ideas for your home. You won't be surprised to see how the 'unsung hero' of the floor can change the home décor with its presence.

1. Beige shag over the concrete floor

Turquoise ottoman and cushions pop up in a room dominated in Ultimate Gray and the beige rug spread on the concrete floor.

2. Soft style of Greige

Greige coloured soft rug elevates the room's style quotient designed around the chocolate upholstered sofa, walnut colour TV unit, and colossal glass doors.

3. Ripple on the floor

Create a ripple effect on the floor with the beautiful rug with gradually changing the shades of black to become grey to match the theme of the living room décor.

4. Subway tiles

The changing tone of the rug inspired by the pattern of subway tiles adorns the floor of the modern living room while remaining in sync with the style of the décor.

5. Waves of diamond

The wavy diamond shape on the grey rug with white lines on the wooden floor with yellow coffee on top makes a bold statement.

6. Tribal-inspired modern rug

The tribal-inspired patterns on the modern colour of grey add the fun-element to the contemporary décor. Greyish blue upholstered furniture and furnishing complements the modern rug on the wooden floor.

7. Rolling the green carpet

Bring in the leisure of the urban jungle in your home décor with a green rug creating an illusion of lush green lawn. It also brings in a splash of colour in the decor, drenched in neutral colours.

8. Blended in elegance

In this living room, the soft furry rug beneath the feet covering the living room's conversation area blends with its neutral palette giving it an elegant style.

9. Bold and beautiful

The small round Ultimate grey rug creates a stunning contrast with the Illuminating yellow, a perfect representation of Pantone Colours for 2021 in the living room.

10. Muted Shade

The muted shade of neutral tone of the self-design rug blends with the same colour sofa, ottoman and wall cladding with shocking contrast brought through the curtains in black and yellow.

11. Blended patterns

Different tones of grey forming different patterns and shapes complement the modern minimalist décor to become the centre of attraction on the wooden floor.

12. Neutral Stripes

The neutral striped rug elegantly binds the sofa, ottoman, and armchair to stand apart on the marble floor in a lighter tone.

13. Softness beneath

The feeling of a soft rug beneath the feet, especially in the bedroom, builds up a romantic atmosphere, soothing feel, and elegant decor with its presence on the floor.

14. Magical in black and white

The black and white Zebra stripes of the bedroom rub matches with the cushions on the comfy recliner, adorning the wooden floor

15. Stripes and patterns

The grey and white stripes on the rug merge to create a stunning pattern on the floor. In sync with the bedroom décor, the rug over the wooden floor brings extra softness to the décor.

16. Blue tiger

The rug on the pattern of striped blue tiger adds the fun element in the colourful room, elevating the eclectic style of the room décor.

17. Illusion of layers

An illusion of layers has been created through the style of the rug chosen for the bedroom floor. It adds an exciting style with its layers in a chic and contemporary bedroom.

18. Long swag of shag

A long rug running in the middle of the balcony ending up to the comfortable couch, and a stylish coffee table on it binds the space's stylishness together.

19. Gracefully curvy

The graceful curvy rug matching with the curvy couch and circular shape of the coffee table perfectly blend with the style of the room’s décor.

20. Black beauty

The magical spread of black rug against the décor dominated in black builds up a bold and beautiful interior decoration. 

21. Floral elegance

The traditional floral patterns on the rug create an enticing space with its presence on the floor. Here the colour on the rug matches with the colour of the furniture but stands apart with floral patterns all over it.

22. Natural essence of jute

The natural look and feel of jute elevate the panache of the modern rustic décor with its natural texture and elegance.

23. Animal print

The area rug's zebra print matches with the leopard print of the coffee table placed on it, bringing the jungle theme alive in the home décor.

24. Faux Marble

The rug replicating the faux marble on the wooden floor adds the stony serenity of marble in the décor at a pocket-friendly affordable rate.

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