A Gorgeous Penthouse Featuring Modern Luxury Interiors

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The luxury homes today, are not some mansions with blingy interiors but they are actually elegant and sophisticated spaces which provide a luxurious living experience. In fact, the modern-day interiors greatly emphasize on maximizing and efficiently using every inch of the space while ensuring proper functionality. The same has been effortlessly achieved here by the interior designers and decorators of Mr. Shopper Studio, Singapore, as they have lavishly used a light colour palette to create a monochromatic setting, without overdoing it. In addition, a perfect balance has been drawn in the design by incorporating accent walls, softy textured furniture and smart décor accessories.

Classy living room

Painted dominantly in white and featuring smooth lines, this living room can be seen exuding calmness from every nook and cranny. The curvy couch goes well with the circular centre table and provides a cosy space for binge-watching TV shows. The built in TV unit offers ample storage capacity for displaying exquisite pieces of accessories, and it also has small lights to add to the cosiness. Additionally, the grey tone of the rug and the curtains seamlessly complements the soft colour palette.

Optimal space utilization

This picture gives you a clear idea of how every inch of the space has been smartly utilized to create a pleasing yet highly functional setting. The space under the windows has been used for offering a comfy seating area, and you also get a counter for placing artistic flower pots and other décor accessories. To create a beautiful contrast with the white tone, floral and lightly coloured cushions have been placed on the couch.

Smartly sectioned dining and living space

Here, you can see how the designers have very cleverly segregated the two spaces while making sure that the one smoothly flows into the other. Also, to maintain a sense of homogeneity in the interiors, both living and dining room feature quite similar design elements such as marbled floor, exactly same curtains and soft tones. The sleek wooden planks that have been used for the passage dividing these two areas add a rustic hint.

Royal dining room

The intricately carved and white wooden dining table goes well with the traditional looking upholstered chairs. The cabinet placed against the wall offers space for keeping dinnerware and other dining essentials, and its top has been used for placing fresh flowers and accessories. The mirror above the cabinet escalates the beauty of the interiors and even creates the illusion of a larger space, whereas the chandelier hanging down from the false ceiling lends a regal and majestic touch.

Serene and relaxing bedroom

This minimally designed bedroom looks absolutely welcoming and delivers a soothing ambience. Featuring the ever-classic white and few hints of deep grey, it presents an interesting colour palette. The elements such as medieval style lamps, sleek mirrors, upholstered bedhead and white rug, help maintain the theme of luxury. Also, the side tables enhance the aspect of functionality while the wide windows flood the room with natural light.

Stylish TV unit cum dressing area

In the same bedroom, exactly opposite to the bed is a huge built-in cabinet cum dressing area. The finely crafted white unit not only offers a proper space for installing a TV but also provides a cleverly designed and compact dressing area. The dressing table extending out from the unit has a glass on top for keeping personal stuff, and the lights installed above it keep the area bright. Also, the cushioned stool goes well with the table.

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