19 Fun Décor Ideas to Decorate Your Home

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Your home is a place you have the freedom to be creative and explore your style. You are free to break the rules of following the design philosophy and create a unique style that could be an amalgamation of modern, eclectic, rustic and just be you, the fun part that is bubbling to express in the home décor. The interior designers and decorators love to experiment with different ideas to create a delightful décor and are perfect for taking inspiration. Let’s scroll down the beautiful collection we have curated to get inspired and flaunt the fun décor in your home.

1. Cozy corner called study

With work from home a new normal, build a cozy study in the balcony and made it fun décor with a wrought iron lamp hanging in front of the metal shelf.

2. Relaxing amidst greenery

Design your bathroom doubling up to be an indoor garden with an open sky bathing the space in sunlight and flooding it with a fresh vibe brought through greenery around.

3. Spidery web

The lamp's spidery design creates a fun décor, building up an eye-catching centerpiece for eyes to rest on.

4. Sparkling with the mirrors

Two different sizes of circular mirrors hanging on the paneled wood wall and long strings of fairy lights create a fun décor in the twin bathroom.

5. Brightness of picture window

The fun décor created by the brightness of the blue picture window gets elevated by knitted chairs, alphabet wall décor and dazzling lamp.

6. Rustic drawers in modern setting

Don’t be afraid to add a rustic-style closet with colorful drawers in a modern setting. It will lend a lively and homey vibe to the interior décor.

7. Style an empty corner

Style an empty corner sparkling with colored glass door with a single statue filling up the corner stylishly.

8. Hanging garden indoor

Twist and turns of hanging garden made from bamboo shoots build up a delightful hanging indoor garden on the wall, decorating the wall and bringing freshness into the home.

9. Carefully careless décor

Create a carefully careless décor at the entrance with rough strokes creating texture on the wall, a framed painting done by the child of the house and crystal drops dropping from above.

10. Fun with animal print

No one can deny that the animal prints can instantly add the fun element to the home décor. Two independent chairs look stunning in the contemporary décor.

11. Unconventional color combination

Lilac color on the wall and the matching shade of turquoise blue on chairs and classic style console table with a 3-D painting hanging on the wall blends to create a fun and exciting décor at the entrance of the house.

12. Industrial touch in contemporary style

The industrial-style long spotlights focused on the wall gallery are fun to merge industrial and contemporary style, adding youthful energy into the décor.

13. Colorful wall

Niches on the wall and glass jars filled with colored stones fitted on the slots build a colorful wall décor bubbling with innovative, fun style.

14. Touch of yellow

Arched doors and windows with a yellow touch in a décor dominated by neutral shade create a fun décor in the home décor. A wrought iron chair and the wrought iron open shelf elevate the stylishness of the décor.

15. Colorful vibe of the vitrified tiles

Re-style the balcony and refurbish it, adding a fun element in the form of colorful vitrified tiles cladding on the wall and a small portion of the window.

16. Spruce up the entrance

Enhance the grandeur of your grand entryway by fixing tiles. The fun element in sophisticated décor will create a contrasting style that will be attractive.

17. Get inspired by luxury

The luxurious style of stylish wall décor gets a generous dash of fun décor with a bright red artefact on top of the golden stand, reflecting the decor's luxury.

18. Fun décor through cushions

Freshen up the entire space just by throwing in some new cushion covers of different colors, patterns and fabric to add the fun element to the living room décor.

19. Color contrast in a fun way

Blue dining room chairs around the white dining table and pink patterned curtains complementing the white shutter merge to create a stunning décor in a fun way.

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Which of these ideas inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments. 

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