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Nothing matches the impact of before & after snaps, which show you exactly how much a space has transformed. So here we are with today’s collection of before & after projects that are bound to put you in a revamping mood! The focus area today is the kitchen – a space that plays such a huge role in our lives and yet is often ignored. So here we bring you five small kitchen remodeling projects that are definitely worth looking at. These transformations are not just about making a small space look bigger by throwing on a coat of paint or putting a rack in here and there to make the clutter disappear. These are projects where the makeovers are so drastic that you can hardly find the old space in the new. So get prepared to soak up loads of new ideas and be inspired for a remodel!

1) Before: dysfunctional and dated

This kitchen picture almost had us in tears with its depressing look and cramped appearance. It almost seems to be in ruins. While the decor looks outdated, the space does not look very functional either. The main problem with the space seems to be the lack of light, which makes the area look small and dark. What makes things worse are the stack of cupboards that seem to have cropped up everywhere and the opaque cream tiles that have definitely outstayed their welcome. Overall, this does not look a space where anyone would be happy to cook.

1) After: classy and cool

Well, we don’t see that old kitchen anywhere in this picture thanks to some clever designing ideas. The layout of the old kitchen was changed by opening up the tiny spaces and breaking down the intermediate walls. This change brings in the necessary light and the additional space which is then used to make the kitchen a cool, compact and cheery area.

Although still small, it's not hard to see why it looks so much better. The new kitchen uses every bit of the space that it has been given. Along with pretty lights and neat cupboards that hides all the utensils and built-in gadgets, the sink and the storage area has been converted into a neat bar-like area from which food can be served. The gleaming white countertop makes the area look nice and bright.

2) Before: ugly and old fashioned

There is plenty we don’t like about this kitchen; the dark and cramped look, ugly curtains, cluttered surfaces, outdated design, and lack of light. The drab and unimpressive tiles at the roof and floor add to the dirty look of the space. Overall, this is an unimaginative kitchen which will hardly every inspire you to cook something tasty.

2) After: a charming space

Wow, now that’s what we call real transformation! The curtains have gone and so have the ugly wallpaper and tiles. The space has changed into a cosy room which exudes charm and warmth. The white paint on the cupboards, roof and windows immediately brightens up the kitchen. Another factor that brings in so much change is the opening up of the windows through which light now streams, spreading throughout the kitchen and making it took large. The new wooden countertop also adds to the warm look and goes brilliantly with the white colour all around.

3) Before: old and unimaginative

From the ugly-looking floor tiles, the water heater placed over the sink, the completely boring way the windows have been installed, the mismatched wall tiles to the dark-coloured furniture, everything about this kitchen seems wrong. Help is urgently required here!

3) After: a bright and cheerful room

Now this is what we call a stunningly successful makeover. While the space remains the same, the dimensions have been opened up through a change in tiles, new windows and gleaming white cupboards. The white countertop creates a feeling of spaciousness with the sink moved to one side and the previously ugly cupboard now sporting two sliders that hide the utensils. The sliding white-framed windows and the cheery orange tiles also adds to the bright clean look of the space.

4) Before: cramped and outdated

This kitchen has everything crammed into one space, making it look small and cluttered and drab. One of the things that strike us most is the mismatch in colours – on the floor there is a dirty orange, the cupboards sport walnut, while a unsightly green hides the windows. The countertop is scattered with utensils and appliances which leaves little space. This is indeed a ripe case for a remodel!

4) After: chic, modern decor

Copious white and light seem to have completely changed the dynamics of this place. The top cupboards have been reformed and look great with new bright shades and shapes. Those at the bottom have been touched with a light wooden colour and fitted into a more compact design. The best part is the opening up of the windows, which now sport a white blind and let in light. Additional use of modern furniture makes the space cool and stylish. 

5) Before: ugly and sad

There are some spaces which make us wonder what the original design team were thinking… Here is one such kitchen space which desperately needs remodeling. From dirty walls to a rusty stove, damaged flooring, bad electrical installations and a totally unclean countertop – we cannot think who would have cooked here.

5) After: a streamlined kitchen

Wow, we cannot get over this transformation. Not only is it amazing, we love the way entire area has been modernized. The space was expanded by removing the intermediate wall and bringing in the service area space. Other changes include a gleaming black countertop, wooden floor, a nice coat of white everywhere, addition of modern gadgets and porcelain grey walls. The increase in the linear space makes the kitchen free for more movement and makes it look more functional. It's time to get cooking!

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Which of these kitchens inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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