Light Up Your Spaces With Clever LED Decor: 20 Inspiring Images

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LEDs are much talked about and in demand these days in interior architecture and space lighting. LED is a light-emitting diode, which is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. As one would expect, LEDs are energy-efficient, functional, and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance a space. If you’ve been looking for ideas to do away with the regular lighting and experiment with LEDs at home, we have put together a list of 20 LEDs used in decor that you can draw inspiration from and create an ambiance of your dreams with perfect lighting. 

You can incorporate LEDs in decor both for interiors as well as exteriors. They are a great option for interior lighting. Some of the benefits of LED lighting over incandescent light sources are lower energy consumption, longer life, better looks—the size can be smaller and highly customizable. There are a number of designers working specifically with LED lights decor and doing an amazing job. You will be amazed at how better lighting alone can transform your entire home. Read on! 

1. Mood lighting in living room

This living room is lit up by COB LEDs, which are known for their minimalistic and attractive look. The lighting gives a very modern and warm look to the space.

2. Outdoor lighting

As mentioned, LEDs are equally good sources of light for exteriors as they are long-lasting, power-saving, and better looking.

4. LED stair lighting system

LED lighting systems for stairs are a legit category of their own. This one here is activated by movement with spectacular light animation. It also features automation of movement and dusk lighting on the stairs.

You can check out more amazing LED staircase lighting ideas here.

5. Highlight your walls and celings

You can use LED lighting to highlight specific areas of your room, for example, paintings on the wall or details on the ceiling. In the featured image, the painting at the centre is beautifully highlighted by ceiling LED wall-washer.

6. Smart lighting for interiors

More inspiration for smart LED lighting for interiors. The lighting sets the mood in each room and can be brightened or darkened according to preference.

7. LED Panel Light

Choosing the perfect light for a child's bedroom can be a challenging task. It should be bright but it too bright. This requirement is cleverly fulfilled by this LED panel light, which is bright enough for the sensitive eyes of the child. Placing the light at the center of the ceiling provides uniform light at all corners of the room. There are also options to choose from in colours and materials. This one uses aluminium or zinc in white.

8. Office lights

Who said office lighting has to be boring, and interesting lighting cannot be functional? These modern LED ring lights for offices will surely change your opinion.

9. Statement lighting

This is LED decor at its modern and elegant best. This curved LED hanging light in 12 watts is a piece of art apart from performing its primary function of lighting up space.

10. Something fancy?

If you want to ditch the more sober and elegant lighting for fun, fancy, and gorgeous LED decor, these LED hanging lamps with light rods in white are a brilliant option.

11. Minimal and classy

This one features a more elegant, minimal, and classy LED hanging ring light that would be very becoming for a classic or minimal style interior.

12. Movement lighting

This beautiful dressing room features LED lights that switch on with movement and compliment the warm wooden ton of the furniture perfectly. Something you can try out in your own dressing room or wardrobe area.

13. Classic and modern

You can always go for a classic single lamp with LED light inside for a statement lighting experience.

14. Smart lighting for homes

You can also try one of these complete smart home lighting solutions, like in the featured image. This beautiful kitchen has LED lights controlled by a smart home system.

15. COB LEDs

COB LEDs are brighter, consume less power, and output a higher quality beam of light compared to older LED technologies used for lighting presently. Case in point are these Surface Mounted Downlight COB Lights. The lights perfectly complement the interior of the place.

16. Light up your deck

Beautiful use of LED lighting on top of the deck as well as along the borders of the flower beds.

17. More COB LEDs for interiors

This eclectic but minimal living room in pastel shades features 360' Adjustable Surface COB Light. The ambiance evoked looks amazing, perfectly complimenting the interiors.

19. Stylish and luxurious

Here is an amazing option for bar lighting using modern high-quality LEDs as the light source. The halo crystal chandelier is ultra-modern, chic, and luxurious. Light rings are directed outwards along the lamp curve and the effect is amazing.

20. LED panel light in the living room

The living room is one of the most important places in any home decor project as all members of the family spend most of their time there together. featured here is a bright led panel light on the ceiling white aluminium/zinc. The effect is classic, warm, comforting, and clutter-free.

Looking for some more lighting inspiration for your home, check out this ideabook for some seriously stylish pendant lights.

Which one of these LED lighting ideas you would love to try at home? Let us know in comments. 

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