27 Dazzling Landscape Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

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The path of goodness is paved with plants, fruits, and flowers.

Every garden and outdoor space is blessed with opportunities to invite a host of plants and trees. If you are not one for a lot of shrubberies, plants, and succulents in your garden we have many designs that can make you dream of a modern landscape design.

A home isn't a home without a paved walkway or entrance that is built specifically to welcome guests and park your car. But it doesn't always have to be boring or simple. In this guide, we created some dazzling landscape designs that will help you create a wonderful look for your home or apartment. If you are looking specifically to design any room like your bedroom or living area this is where you find everything you desire.

Take a peek and get inspired to create visions of delight in the garden or patio of your dreams.

1. A simple drive through with trees and a playful vibe

When you have a towering mansion of a house the biggest order of business would be to make sure the entrance is welcoming. This landscape design is great for families who have kids because you can create a little playhouse and swing set. Build a tiled and stone garden design with this welcoming vibe.

2. Sticks and stones can break your bones

We are not all dancing to the song Sticks and Stones but this dazzling landscape design has a promise to unfold. A peaceful and serene island created in your garden with white pebbles, stones, and a neat landscape. This design will have you pulling up chairs and gazing out at a rising and setting sun.

3. The wooden garden landscape design of vertical delight

Every home needs a beautiful entryway paved with lovely wooden structures that give you a cozy feel. Garden landscape designs don't only need to prioritize ground-level styles. You can bake your cake and eat it too. Join the frenzy of garden trends where vertical wall designs are becoming a norm!

4. A stairway to heaven created in flowery patterns of garden balconies

If you have your home or apartment building built on a slope or a hill. Then this dazzling garden landscape design is just for you. Create a townhouse look with this neat and captivating landscape design of the ages.

5. A Bathtub fireplace to create a zen vibe at home

Your outdoor living space whether it's your garden or swimming pool needs to have unique elements. You can bring a zen vibe into your outdoor space with a roaring fireplace bathtub design. A simple way to bring a dazzling spring and serene vibe into any landscape design is this idea right here.

6. A cozy nook in your garden of dreams

Vertical garden walls set atop a garden landscape design that is brimming with sweet tranquility, cushions, and a small fountain. You can place a cabinet of books or bring other favorite things outdoors too. Your cozy nook in your backyard has a dazzling landscape design that anyone needs to escape from reality.

7. Fairy garden bowls and bonsai fountains made for all

Did you know you can create a dazzling garden landscape design filled with bonsai and cacti. If you like in a climate or country that helps you keep succulents alive. Then this landscape design is what you need. Get bowls of bonsai and fair garden potted plants to create a visionary delight. Enjoy your peaceful setting when you get home every day!

8. A Wood story with some home rubble and stones

Your garden patio is your peaceful interlude from a day of stress and busy to-do lists. If you are like us, then wood and wood cover paper is something we place in a soft corner. This dazzling garden landscape design might not have lush grass but it has some rubble and bright flowers. The best thing for those who have allergies and can't keep too many flowers around. This design is made for neat and tidy homeowners who want to keep it easy and simple.

9. A combination of stones and shrubs to give you a Greek vibe

When you think of Greece you can envision azure blue and pristine white buildings. The Mediterranean sun beating down on the warm sand and the sounds of the ocean are all you need. This dazzling landscape design invokes memories of a Greek holiday. Bring in some date palms and a few bushes into the mix and you will have a great setting for your garden or yard.

10. Trees , Grass, Bushes and the wind in your hair

A driveway made for the gods. This brilliant landscape design is created for anyone who has a wide driveway. You can put in a paved stone walkway at the entrance. Dress it up with neat shrubbery, bushes, flowering trees, or fruit trees. You can build your best landscape design with this inspiring style right here.

11. Plant lovers haven and a nursery of bedazzled green shrubs

Get your favorite potted plants and skirt them using rubble and white stones to create a neat landscape. You can create a resort and spa look with this hack by neatly stacking your potted plants in your garden.

12. Squared tiles and a pathway to the entrance

Wide garden spaces have a dreamy look and feel. You can be inventive and creative with them. Switch them up with this dazzling landscape design and create a simple paved path to your front door. An apartment building or a home will have an inviting look with this landscape design tip.

13. Apartments and small spaces can have their own gardens too

Every apartment that has an outdoor sitting space deserves a plant wall or a garden landscape design. Seek inspiration with this patio vibe that fuses classy vines with a bunch of assorted plants. This one is a useful hack to use for any home or apartment with close spaces.

14. Wall sculpturing with a fairy garden landscape design

If you are one of the few who has large windows in your kitchen that overlooks a green interlude into your front or backyard. Then this idea of a dazzling landscape design is for you. Create a long paved path that can be a delight of fairy houses and small inspiring stories. Create beauty where you find nature and you will be bringing magic into the universe.

15. Patio landscape designs with abstract garden art and grass

Bring in the townhouse vibe with a seating area in your backyard which is breathtakingly beautiful. The gazebo look is a sweet and romantic look for any home. Your dazzling landscape design can host a number of parties and events here. Take a look and fall in love.

16. A pool of white and grey gravel for a charming garden landscape design

A garden trimming and a skirt that captures your gaze is a goal every homeowner aspires to achieve. That's why this offbeat and simplistic garden landscape design will steal your soul with its swirling line of wood and pebbles. Dare to be different with a rubble landscape design!

17. When in Rome do as the romans do build a landscape for your yard

A brick layered path should have a wall lined with trees and plants that pave the way. This calls for a path leading to adventure. Storybook vibes anyone? This landscape design will charm its way into a storyteller's heart.

18. Balcony plants and nurseries for all plant lovers

For any plant lovers out there this landscape design is all you need and more. Take a number of potted plants and arrange them on a patio meant to provide a respite from the city noises and pollution. All you need is a swing set and your dazzling landscape design is all set to make a mark.

19. Vertical garden of food right in your home

You won't need to walk into any grocery store with this simple and genius idea. Build a garden landscape design wall on your balcony or patio. When you have the sun pouring in from all sides you need to make use of space with this lettuce, herb, and plant wall landscape design. Smell the fresh air and eat your homegrown food!

20. Terraces with a view of an indoor garden for your home

Do you like indoor gardens? It's all the hype now because of towering buildings taking over cities. Build a small fortress of peace and love with this beautiful and neat array of plants overlooking an indoor patio area. Create your slice of heaven with this dazzling landscape design.

21. Vertical hanging garden delight and a swing made for two

Why not swing away into the sunset when it's your home and your family? An apartment landscape design to steal every lover's heart. Make room for this romantic and dazzling landscape design set in a vertical garden. All that's missing is a fireplace and a blanket!

22. Light green patio vibes overlooking a lovely home

All we can do is sigh. Who doesn't want to sit in their sunny patio and gaze out in the distance? This beautiful lime green garden landscape will make you reach for your lemonade. Take a break and bedazzle your eyes with this lovely garden landscape design of your dreams.

23. Elevate your garden to a higher level

Do you like a little height? Make your garden stand out with this unusual and unique backyard design. It's not meant for the mundane. Build the best garden landscape design slowly while enjoying a magnificent space outdoors.

24. Stairway and Archways with wide open windows and doors

Sometimes the real estate gods are gracious to build buildings and homes that have an altogether unique look. This is one such dazzling landscape design made to give you a cozy feel. You can peer inside those glass windows and watch a family enjoy their meal. If you love privacy just draw a curtain. But look at the view and the seating!

25. Be there or be square

Yes, we said it! Are you there yet? This amazing landscape design is simple and square. You can place a whole lot of fun tiles squared to give your garden landscape a simple but forward look. Elementary but very efficient is the key here.

26. Apartment walls with a hop sketch twist

Vertical and hanging garden landscapes are showing up almost everywhere these days. That's why this splendid design should come as no surprise. If you live in an apartment, dress it up with a potted plant wall and a vertical garden. Your garden landscape design won't make you miss having any large yards.

27. Snooze away on a swing overlooking a pool or garden

If you are like the rest of the human race, swings are always on your mind when you build your home. Put your swing fashion to good use with this dreamy swing made for any garden landscape lover. This is what life is all about. Love, Fun, and swings of course!

Seek inspiring landscape designs and build yours with these amazing tips! Tell us which ones are your favorite and why.

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