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Indian culture, music and fashions are bright, vivid and full of life. So it is wonderful to see some Indian architects incorporating this traditional spice into more contemporary designs.

This is an interesting area of design, so today we will explore a luxurious Indian home full of verve. Bursting with zest, dazzling patterns and a kaleidoscope of colour, the home is decadent by any standards and covers a massive four levels. Situated in the southern metropolis of Chennai and designed by Ansari & Associates, it is stately, grand, colourful and even glamorous in parts. So come with us on a photo tour to explore its features. We promise it will be fun!

Illuminated corner block

The luxury villa is located on a corner with great views. There are multiple balconies and outdoor areas, but each of these are covered with loosely-panelled wooden walls for privacy. The exterior is composed of a subtle collection of natural and man-made materials in various earth hues. It is a contemporary exterior with a simple aesthetic. But all this belies the dazzling colours that greet us inside…

Stately living room

The living room has a grand, stately feel. The rich chocolate sofas and glossy black coffee table add a little polish to the room. In a similar sophisticated vein, the floor and some walls are covered in marble. But this is still an essentially earthy home. The colour scheme is subdued and reflects the large piece of art on the right-hand wall.

Private courtyard

On the ground floor we have this very private high-walled courtyard. It has two types of lovely smooth stone materials, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and lots of light. We love how the light falls through the wooden slats of the ceiling…

Bold, yellow kitchen

As we continue through the home, the colour palette becomes increasingly vivid. Here in the kitchen we have high kitchen cupboards in alternate yellow and white tones. It is an unusual choice, but one that adds an earthy vibrancy to the kitchen. Note the glossy finishes on the cupboards and walls. Although this is a home with a wide variety of colour schemes, the glossy finish acts as a unifying factor in the decor.

Luxurious master bedroom

The master bedroom has a series of grand features. There is a rich wooden floor, impressive large wooden bedroom headboard and a grand sense of scale. But the most eye-catching features are the lights! They have been recessed into almost every corner and angle of the bedroom in the form of lighting strips in various hues. Finally, note the combination of earthy ethnic prints used in the bedding and the curtain on our right.

Colourful second bedroom

If you like multi-coloured decors you'll love this colourful bedroom. Just look at that bedroom headboard feature! The designers have made a brave choice in choosing a print with pink circles and extending it all the way up to the ceiling. Somehow, they have also managed to match this with a multicolour bedspread. All this colour is underlaid by the base wooden tones of the wooden cupboard, bed and wall panelling.

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What do you think of the colourful bedroom in this opulent home? We'd love to hear in the comments field below!

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