10 clever ways to create a bedroom partition

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When it comes apartment design we generally want to maximise every last centimetre of space. Apartments are usually fairly compact, and living in a city such as Singapore can push your decorating nous to its limits when attempting to smartly utilise your home's layout or floorplan. Today on homify we are going to take a look at bedrooms, and how one can easily (and stylishly) divide their space into separate areas. Dividers can help create more private, cosy and welcoming rooms in your home. However, it is crucial you get the right divider to suit your space. Everything from pressed metal to shrubbery can be used to divide a bedroom, creating beautifully versatile, liveable and unique areas. 

If you would like to successfully divide your room, take a peek at the following gorgeous interiors and gain a bit of inspiration for your next home renovation or bedroom refurbishment!

1. The hidden dressing room

Our first example is a stylish and impressive one! This Hong Kong apartment manages to create a sophisticatedly spacious room that is wonderfully separated into a dressing area and a sleeping space. 

This wall doesn't touch the ceiling; ensuring the room still feels open and airy. 

2. Secret bedroom

Many apartments have tight and awkward spaces. In this studio space, an area for the bedroom has been divided using strips of timber. These help the room to stay spacious, while also giving the raised bed privacy. 

3. A four-poster bed

A four-poster bed can be fitted with curtains that can help the space feel separate when in use. This is ideal if the bedroom is a multipurpose space and shared by a couple. If one wishes to study, the curtains can be closed for privacy and light reduction. 

4. Interesting shapes

When choosing a divider for your bedroom it can be a good idea to choose something that won't impede light of a sense of movement within the space. These dividers are set on either side of the wall, and have an interesting spontaneous pattern resembling wild grass. 

5. A dressing room wall

Similar to the first image we looked at, this wonderful room divider goes from floor to ceiling, adding a dressing room and wardrobe to the large open area. Here the wall has been painted a rich olive-sage tone, creating contrast and minimising the dividers impact within the room.

6. Curtains

Curtains are one of the easiest ways to create a divider within a bedroom. They are soft, luxurious, and can impart a sensuous and whimsical aesthetic in the space. Hang them from the ceiling, or alternatively drape at mid-height to create a simple unimposing screen. 

7. Walls with storage!

If you need to add a wall to divide a particular space, why not add some storage to it as well? Storage is generally lacking in apartments, and this room divider can add both excellent areas to keep your goods, while also stylishly segregating the bedroom.

8. A glass divider

Glass makes the perfect divider as it avoids intrusion into either of the two individual spaces. In this room the divider looks wonderfully minimal, while still effectively separting the area.

9. A bookshelf divider

Bookshelves make perfect dividers and can be filled with ornaments, books and other stylish decorations. Look for a bookshelf without a back, as this will provide an easy see-through bedroom divider that is handy as well!

If you need assistance choosing bookshelves or any other items related to your home's interior design, chat to an expert via homify today. 

10. Portable and stylish

Last on the list we have a portable divider that is sure to give your home a stylish twist, while also providing dappled light and preventing complete light blockage. This divider is perfect for those who rent an apartment and are unable to change the overall structure of the home. 

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Do you have any additional tips or tricks for individuals who may want to divide their bedroom? If you do, leave us a comment below!

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