10 habits to keep your home clean and tidy

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Here at homify we love clean, tidy and organised dwellings, which is why we are dedicating today's Ideabook to the 10 essential habits of people with neat and chaos-free homes. But how does one keep their apartment or house tidy? With so many different factors working towards mess-creation (pets, family members, children, busy schedule, etc.) it can be tricky and challenging keeping an abode spruced and sleek.  

Yet keeping a tidy house or apartment is possible. And you needn't be cleaning obsessed or fixated on creating a perfect dwelling either; rather introduce a number of routine tasks and habits that guarantee your abode stays organised and smart.

If you would like to transform your residence from raggedy to ritzy, then read on below for some handy hints, tips, tricks and inspirational ideas! 

Without further ado, here are the top 10 habits people with tidy homes have…

1. They regularly dust and vacuum

It may seem obvious, but the quickest way to keep your home tidy and neat is to regularly dust and vacuum. Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner, and ensure you give the house a good once over at least once a week.

2. They wipe down every surface after use

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Andrew Mikhael Architect

Luxury Apartment Combination

Andrew Mikhael Architect

Cleaning surfaces after using them is an easy habit to add to your routine. Don't limit this rule to the kitchen either; ensure you wash coffee tables, dining tables, side tables and any other surface that might get dirty when you use it.

3. They keep their interior minimal

Clutter is a definite no-no when trying to keep one's home neat and tidy. Throw away or sell any unneeded items and employ a minimalist aesthetic to ensure your dwelling feels less hectic, and a little more peaceful. Minimalist interiors are also far easier to clean, keeping your interior stylishly polished looking. 

4. They put their clothes and shoes away

Get in the habit of putting away your clothing once you have used it. This involves coats, jackets, and shoes that can easily create mess if they are left in other areas of the house. The best part of this is that you will save time when it comes to tidying your home, as everything will already be in its right place.

5. They make their bed before work each morning

It sounds simple, but making the bed each morning can drastically improve your home's overall sense of cleanliness and tidiness. When you wake up, make it habit to quickly make the bed, and you will find that over time the ambience and atmosphere improves immensely. 

6. They avoid keeping things on the bed

The bed is for sleeping and should not be used as an area of storage. If you have items constantly on your bed you will find that your house looks messy, and your sleep is disrupted. Ensure everything is put away and keep your sleeping space interference-free. 

If you need assistance with your home's storage, chat to a professional via homify today.

7. They put things away once they've been used

Once you use something, put it away. This includes throw rugs, books, tableware, electronics, and any other items that will look messy if they are left out. In addition to ensuring your dwelling looks cleaner, you will make your life far easier when you need to find something and it is exactly where it should be!

8. They don't own too much of anything

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Unless you have a serious hoarding problem (and even if you do!) you don't require more than one of anything. Stop bulk-buying goods and keep your home minimal. Owning extras of things can create clutter mess, and leave your home feeling cloistered. 

Throw away, sell, or give away extras of items you definitely do not require to keep your home feeling less chaotic. 

9. They keep their affairs in order

Keeping your papers, taxes, and other affairs in order will help your home stay neat, tidy and organised. If you have a home office then this is the ideal area to keep everything, but if you do not have a workspace, a well ordered set of concertina files should do the trick. 

10. They keep laundry off the floor

Laundry is one of those items that tends to accumulate quickly, and has a huge impact on the overall ambience of your home. Invest in a laundry basket (or several) for key locations in your home. The bathroom, bedroom, and laundry room are obvious choices for a basket or container, adding practicality and cleanliness to your dwelling.

We hope these tips and handy hints provided you with some ideas to keep your home tidy! If you would like to keep reading, check out: 6 speed cleaning tips for your party or event

Do see anything missing from our list? If you would like to contribute, add your tips below!

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