12 ingenious ways to use your under-stair space

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A seemingly insignificant and dead space, the area underneath your stairs actually offers a host of different options for those who choose to use it. Now, we're not suggesting you build a full-scale bedroom, Harry Potter-style, underneath your staircase, but there are a range of options that can provide storage, style, and even a little sophistication to your home. 

Generally, there exists a range of unused, disused, and under utilised spaces within one's dwelling, but under-stair space is by far one of the most common. To provide you with a few ideas, inspiration, and some tips on how to revitalise your abode, check out the examples below and renovate underneath your staircase today!

1. A wardrobe

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


Storage space, or lack thereof, is by far one of the most frustrating issues in the home. Turn this around by adding a neat pull out drawer system that can hold jackets, shoes and other household items.

2. An under-stair bar

First things first, let's talk about a home's need for a decent bar. Bars are a fabulous solution for those who like to entertain, and not only do they provide practical storage, they also look sophisticatedly stylish. This high gloss yellow example is versatile, impressive, and excellently positioned underneath the open staircase. 

3. A neat workspace

Compact apartments often lack an area to work, but with this example you can utilise your under-stair space, while also create a neat home office or homework area. 

4. A Zen garden

Nothing says relaxation, comfort and serenity like a Zen garden. But if you live in an apartment you may not have the benefit of an outdoor area. Utilise your under stair space and employ a stylish Zen-like space to evoke a tranquillity and restfulness in your home. 

5. An extra bathroom

If you have an enclosed staircase, a spare bathroom or compact toilet can not only give your home an added level of liveability, but also increase its value. 

If you are considering an additional bathroom, chat to a professional to get some expert advice before undertaking refurbishment works to your dwelling. 

6. A compact library

Make the most of your staircase by creating an area to store your books. Books are often heavy and cumbersome, and for this reason it can be difficult finding somewhere to store them in a compact apartment. This solution keeps them in easy reach and looks great!

7. Extra storage space

Under Stairs Storage buss Corridor, hallway & stairs Storage

Under Stairs Storage


Storage space, or lack thereof, is by far one of the most frustrating issues in the home. Turn this around by adding a neat pull out drawer system that can hold jackets, shoes and other household items. 

8. An illuminated feature wall

Turn your staircase into a feature by employing illuminated shelving to create a feature wall. This works well if you have multi-layered staircases, such as the uber-stylish example here. 

9. Stylish seating

HOTEL CAL REIET – GUEST HOUSES Bloomint design Mediterranean style living room
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Lacking a cosy reading corner? Or do you perhaps require a few extra seats for when you host guests? If the answer is yes, you should consider turning your under-stair space into a comfy bench. This example is a perfectly stylish demonstration of how you can achieve this, while improving your living room's overall ambience. 

10. A place for plants

Similar to the aforementioned Zen garden, placing plants underneath your stairs will increase your abode's sense of tranquillity, adding to a sense of calmness and serenity. Not merely stylish, plants will also help purify your home's air, ensuring it is fresh and healthy. 

11. Keep it spacious!

How about leaving the space underneath your stairs completely vacant? Go for minimalism and bask in a sense of austere spaciousness.  

12. A hidden home office

Finally, an under-stair office is a fabulous and practical use of space. Perfect for those who want a small nook to keep their papers, or individuals who need an area for a little at-home work. 

Did any of these under staircase ideas provide some inspiration? If you would like some more solutions, check out: Choosing your staircase design

Do you have any additional tips or tricks for our homify community? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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