9 ways to beat the Singapore heat at home

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The extreme heat and humidity of Singapore can get even the most resilient Singaporean a little hot under the collar. But rather than just cranking up the air-conditioning and suffering through summer, consider exploring the benefits of passively cooling your home.

There are numerous ways to avoid building up heat in the home. Many of these are simple home habits one can adopt and others will require a little investment. But whatever tip you choose, we promise they will have an effect on your energy bills. So come with us to explore 9 ways to beat the Singapore heat!

Open up to cross ventilation

Make sure you're not blocking cross-ventilation. Windows or doors on opposite ends of the room will help move fresh air through the home and thus cool your apartment down. Welcome in that breeze!

Use bamboo blinds

Tightly-woven bamboo blinds are said to be particularly good at blocking heat. But whatever window coverings you have, close them up tight before the sun has had a chance to warm up your home. Then open them once the sun has set.

Use fans at night

When you do open your home up to the elements at night, use fans for maximum air circulation and move the accumulated hot air out of the home. Even if your home is already fully air conditioned, a fan will be a nice extra addition!

Awnings and shade

If you don't have heat-reflecting film on your window, at least ensure your windows have awnings that will block direct sunlight. This will shield your home from the worst of the day's heat.

Use leafy plants to block sunlight

Leafy houseplants are particularly good at blocking light and can cool the home. But ensure there is adequate ventilation. Plants emit water in the air and if there isn't enough ventilation, they can actually increase the humidity in your home.

Upgrade the air conditioner

Make sure your air conditioner is multifunctional and can get rid of humidity—but try not to use both settings at the same time. The dehumidifier will force the air conditioner to work harder. And don't forget to make your air-conditioner look beautiful too! Check out this custom-made cabinetry by Singaporean interior designers Imagine by SK66.

Heat-reflecting window film

Windows are said to absorb about 40 percent of unwanted heat that enters the home. There are all sorts of specially treated windows that can help, but the easiest to apply is heat reflecting window film.

Replace the lights

Incandescent bulbs add heat to the home. To reduce the effect, replace those cheap old bulbs with energy-saving/halogen/LED light bulbs. They are more expensive to buy, but use around 80 percent less energy, last about ten times longer and emit 90 percent less heat.

Run appliances at night

Appliances can easily add a whopping 10 degrees to the temperature of a room. Kitchens are the worst culprits, so save your baking frenzies for the cooler hours of the day. This goes for dishwashers, clothes dryers and even laptops.

If you're looking for other ways to set up your home, have a read of 10 essential items for your apartment.

How do you keep your home cool? Do you have any unusual tips for our readers? Let us know in the comments field below!

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