The incredible transformation of 5 small kitchens

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A home is not much of a home if the kitchen doesn’t inspire and cheer the inhabitants. It is, after all, that corner of your abode where you prepare hearty family meals, chat with a close friend while pouring out the drinks, and find out how your kid’s day at school was while cooking up their favourite snack! It is understandable that with more and more people gravitating towards small homes or apartments in urban areas, the space allotted for the kitchen is diminishing. But there is no reason to skimp on style and decor because of this. Your kitchen can still be turned into a smart, aesthetic and highly functional cooking haven with some remodelling, renovation or even a new coat of paint! So today, we welcome you to join us in witnessing how 5 drab and dull kitchens get stunning makeovers and become more than just another room in the house.

Before: monotony of white

This kitchen had space and also used to receive a moderate dose of natural light during the day. But the overuse of lifeless white rendered the space dull and without spirit. Touches of sombre beige and a traditional countertop did nothing to uplift the potential aesthetics of the kitchen.

After: colours usher in joy

A touch of warm yellow on the walls and wooden finishing for the floor and countertop gave this kitchen a new lease of life. The space above the sink and cook top is now devoid of cabinets, but there is still ample room to accommodate all appliances and kitchen essentials. The drawers and cabinets now sport curvy and chic handles, while a quaint breakfast nook lies on the left for you to catch a quick bite. A mix of task and ambient lighting has further enhanced the cheerful vibe of the renovated kitchen. The transformation was executed by Bervic Interiorismo, interior designers and decorators from Barcelona.

Before: fashion faux pas

The Spanish kitchen shown here offered clever storage options. But the combination of hues and finishing lacked contemporary appeal. The typical union of white and wooden tones looked cute once upon a time, but is now passé. So a few tweaks could make all the difference!

After: style redefined

Now the entire bank of cabinets flaunts a glossy, white look with slim metallic details which lend smartness. The cabinets complement the newly tiled wall and the earthy floor too. New appliances in shiny chrome add sparkle and oodles of modernity to the space.

Before: cramped and cluttered

It is not hard to see that this small kitchen was previously a victim of clutter and lacked brightness. The dark wooden hues of the cabinets added to the cramped feeling, and the dark conventional granite countertop didn’t help in any way to assuage that feeling. The need to add a feeling of spaciousness, appropriate lighting and organisational hacks was desperately felt.

After: light and white saves the day

The kitchen is now almost predominantly pristine white, which gives it an airy and open feel which was missing before. The layout has remained the same, but the uniform use of white and the lighting under the cabinets have livened things up a great deal. The sink is now bigger and rectangular, which goes well with the angles of the kitchen. And the boring white tiles of the backsplash have been removed to make way for smart laminate, which balances the white. Wall-mounted rods and spice racks have also made arranging all kitchen essentials easier.

Before: old and dreary

Old-fashioned white tiles and uninspiring wooden cabinets along with a boring counter had reduced the attractiveness of this kitchen to zilch. Exposed pipes and wires didn’t help matters, and the overall appearance was one that hinted at a lack of care.

After: dashing contemporary makeover

A cool grey floor, white walls and ceiling, white cabinets and glossy chrome appliances have magically transformed the old kitchen. Everything is sleek, streamlined, and the available space has been intelligently used to accommodate all kitchen necessities. A large window on the left and in front of the sink lets sunlight flood the space and add good cheer, while a dark red countertop brings a pop of fun. The glass sliding doors are a clever touch which make the kitchen appear more open and airy than it is.

Before: mundane eyesore

This kitchen in Korea was sad, old and a source of visual displeasure. With dirty walls, lifeless cabinets, and a shocking purple mosaic backsplash, the kitchen wasn’t really a chef’s dream. It needed some opening up and an infusion of bright and happy lighting for an ambiance of positivity. And something had to be done about the colours…

After: open, quaint and charming

The kitchen has now been integrated into the living space of the house nicely. A clean white countertop has been paired with elegant grey cabinets for a sophisticated and contemporary look and feel. White brick-finish walls definitely steal the show in this kitchen, which comes with a couple of revolving chairs to create a breakfast nook. Sleek and simple cabinets line the space above the sink and cook top, while the wall features spice racks and hooks to house jars, cutlery, ladles and such. The clever use of powerful focused and concealed lighting has turned the once drab kitchen into a bright and cheerful space. The stylish and massive chrome fridge on the left is a definite plus.

We hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at these 5 amazing kitchen makeovers, and that you're inspired for your own project! 

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Which of these new kitchens do you like best? Do you have any renovation tips for us? Let us know in the comments!

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