Blue is the colour: a compact kitchen shines again

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Parisdinterieur Scandinavian style kitchen
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Paris is not just a romantic destination; it's also famous for its rich history, art and architecture. Fashion and aesthetics are of course other aspects which make this country stand apart from the rest, and wow the world at large. Today we will derive renovation inspiration from a compact Parisian kitchen which originally featured bright colours, but lacked style and crispness. A more streamlined and sophisticated approach was desired by the owners. So Parisdinterieur, a group of smart interior architects took up this challenge and created a cool blue and steel kitchen with a quaint touch of vintage. So let’s take a closer look to understand how the transformation was achieved…

Before: a bare and messy shell

As you can see, the kitchen had to be stripped of all its old design accents and fixtures, so that the makeover could be rendered from scratch. The available space was narrow but quite long, so it had potential. The architects decided to make full use of it, so that functionality and aesthetics could both receive due prominence, and free movement in the kitchen remain.

After: modish blue kitchen

This view of the revamped kitchen is extremely pleasing to the eye, and has a calming effect. The light blue glass cabinets are juxtaposed perfectly with the earthy wooden countertops. Surprisingly, the combination of glass, wood and shiny steel gives the kitchen a stylish appeal. The open window and the plant on the windowsill make the kitchen look all the more inviting. The vintage inspired ceramic tiles complement the white walls and blue cabinets, and ooze with old-world charm. There is ample space to move about, chop and prep food items, cook tasty meals, grab a bite quickly and store all kitchen essentials.

Before: shocking cabinets

The kitchen countertop previously came with excessively bright cabinets in loud hues. The combination of the plain black countertop with the muddy-hued mosaic backsplash didn’t help matters. And these, when coupled with the nondescript floor, made the kitchen look dingy, dark and falsely cheerful.

After: a cheery but chic makeover

The new kitchen now looks extremely sleek and stylish, doesn’t it? We love the re-done floor, the pale blue shiny cabinets, the contemporary wooden countertop, and the way the glossy chrome appliances have been fitted in. The embedded cook top makes the space appear uncluttered and neat.

Before: an unbecoming corner

Before the renovation, the farthest corner of the kitchen seemed like a place where everything might be dumped. As we saw before, the extra bright mix of colours and the depressing brown backsplash did not make for a great combination!

After: light, fresh and floral

Now, with the introduction of pretty blue and white tones, the corner looks way more breathable and spacious. A couple of sleek steel chairs with quaint white seats have been added to the countertop for you to sit and relax when you are tired from cooking. Also, what a pretty place to sit and drink a cup of coffee each morning! Sunlight floods through the window, helps the potted plant to flourish and fills you with sheer joy every single day.

After: a different angle

The kitchen from this vantage point, too, is exactly how the residents wanted it. Even from this angle, it looks bright, open and inviting. Fancy preparing a delicious meal for the family? The appliances blend seamlessly with the surrounding cabinets. And there is no jarring effect whatsoever.

The designers’ stroke of genius in this kitchen was replacing the old backsplash with white tiles, and the colourful cabinets with pale blue avatars. While the overall layout of the kitchen has remained as it is, an extra tabletop gives the kitchen more utility as well as a homely feel. It now looks more airy and spacious too. 

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