From cramped to spacious: a small home blossoms

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Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt Classic style kitchen
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In a breathtakingly beautiful city like Zurich in Switzerland, people want smart and tasteful homes which reflect the majestic outdoors. As a result, many opt to revamp their old abodes and give them stunning facelifts which blend contemporary designs with innovative ideas. And that is exactly what happened with Umbau Reiheneinfamileinhaus Zürich, which received an inspiring makeover from Beat Nievergelt GMBH Architect.

This once old, derelict home had a nondescript appearance which created a gloomy ambience. The lacklustre looks were given a shining makeover with the help of chrome, white and wooden elements. Also, the designers ensured that they simplified the busy colour palette and stuck to something that reverberated with understated style. So come and explore the home for yourself and witness how the changes took place!

Before: a cramped, cluttered kitchen

This closed kitchen was hemmed into a corner and looked cluttered. The boring wooden surfaces seemed like they had not enjoyed a polish in years, while the old appliances had a visually jarring impact, and completely mismatched with the wooden surroundings. The tiles also looked like they were in desperate need of some designer love and care!

After: open space prevails

The kitchen is now an open and airy space where balanced design holds court. Wood covers the floor and creates an expansive look, while the walls have been pushed back to maximise space. White and chrome come together for the cabinetry and counters, respectively. The windows are now brought into focus as they help natural light to infiltrate the interiors easily.

Before: horrible dated staircase

The garish hue of the staircase actually worked against it in the former design. The white walls made the effect all the more loud, while the railing did not match the black and almost saffron tone of the steps.

After: subtle wood makes all the difference

The staircase is filled with subtle charm now, thanks to the light wooden hue on the steps and the solid metal railing with flat beams. The white walls now look at ease with the steps, as the spiral has also been left open. Standing next to the kitchen, this staircase now adds to the overall styling of the space.

Before: a chaotic and chintzy dining space

The design of the dining room was certainly from the past. The use of varied patterns on the table cloth as well as the wallpaper made this a chaotic space despite the sparse furniture and furnishings. The look added to the overall sense of gloom here, despite the presence of the large window.

After: sleek is the word

The dining room now enjoys elements from the sleek school of design even as country-style wood rubs shoulders with glossy surfaces. The cool look is further accentuated by the quirky blue and black chairs that sit around the table for a whimsical feel, while the solid wooden table sits in the centre.

After: a perfect attic bathroom

The attic of the apartment has been brilliantly utilised to make way for a compact but bright bathroom! White with a hint of black makes this space cosy, inviting and replete with an open feel. The tall white clothes rack is a modern functional addition that looks tasteful too. 

After: a naturally delightful patio

Lush greenery and pretty blooms now abound in the patio in front of the apartment. They flank the stone walkway and add to the beauty of the residence in an organic manner. 

The makeover of this Swiss home focused on openness, a light colour palette, sleek and utilitarian designs and space-maximising ideas. We hope you were inspired! If you're looking for more ideas, you'll love this before & after story: The ingenious makeover of a tiny apartment

What do you think of this amazing open-plan layout? Let us know your thoughts!

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