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Every truly luxurious tropical home has a dazzling pool and a great outdoor entertaining area. In this regard, the elegant Colombian villa we will explore today certainly lives up to—and in fact wildly exceeds—expectations!

The home has a bold, white exterior and the boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas are blurred. It covers a vast 920 square meters and is sure to impress. Here's a quick list of its breathtaking features: a contemporary waterfall, palm trees, vast outdoor areas, spectacular pool and two spas… Pretty impressive, right?

Brought to us courtesy of Colombian architect Camila Pulido, Casa Mokawa really is a home worth exploring! So let us begin…  

Tropical modernist facade

The home runs along two flat levels, supported by bold white columns. The building is large and the interior of the home is wide open to the elements. The vast window and door openings allow lots of fresh air to penetrate the interior. This creates a very free-flowing feel between internal and external areas. This is an essential element in most tropical homes.

Bold exterior beams

Here, we have a better sense of how the barriers between internal and external spaces have been blurred. This is most prominent in the use of a bold grey exterior beam. This reaches out and over the outdoor staircase and pool area. It doesn't cover the outdoor areas, but merely acts as an open embrace! At the same time, the main building mass covers the outdoor area we see on the right, while it remains completely open to the elements on two sides.

Finally, from this angle, we also have a better view of the lovely blue lap pool and a glimpse of the circular spa…

Your own personal waterfall!

The home has an impressive all-white outdoor entertaining area. The vast sparkling floor leads seamlessly towards the pool and adds a rich sense of luxury. But it's the bold white columns which really serve to add a sense of grandeur to the space. Finally, let's not forget to mention the modern waterfall feature in the pool. This is certainly a home with a definite glamour factor.

Glass elevator and breezy decor

The interior is almost all white and continues the theme from the outdoor entertaining areas. Impressive columns and double-height ceiling have also been used here to great effect. Note the glass elevator on the left. It adds a decadent, glossy feel to the space. This is a home with an extremely airy ambience.

All white furnishings

The dining room has a white dining table and white chairs to continue the theme. In the background, we can also catch a glimpse of the black and white kitchen. Although black seems like an unusual choice for such a bright, breezy home, it's an apt choice. A monochrome palette adds a sense of unity to the space while allowing the designer to utilise the fierce drama and sophistication of black.

Luxurious spa bath

If you don't feel like a dip in the pool, perhaps you might enjoy some time in the bathroom? Here we have a contemporary chrome shower head and of course, a wonderful spa bath. The all-white bathroom has a luxurious feel and the brightly-lit silver tiles add the final, decadent touch.

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What do you think of the outdoor entertaining area in this elegant Colombian home? Let us know in the comments field below!

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