Ace Kitchen Extension for a Traditional Family Home

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These days it seems that extensions are being added to homes more frequently in order to expand functional areas, such as kitchens. That's exactly what has happened with this project. Though a traditional family home, the original property graciously and naturally accepted an extension to the rear, which has allowed for a beautiful, modern kitchen and small sunroom to be put into place.

What struck us about this project is how symbiotically the new addition joins with the old house, creating an up-to-date but not ultra contemporary impression. If you're thinking about an extension for your home, this might be all the persuasion you need!

Cool, calm and collected

This house tells you a lot about the people that live here. Clearly not ones to shy away from modern technology and trends—as the solar panels reveal-  it comes as no surprise that when a better kitchen was needed, they didn't hesitate to call in a talented team of architects to get to it. 

Working with a fairly traditional façade, it's lovely that the extension was created with harmony instead of eye-catching design in mind. In fact, it's so harmonious you could blink and miss that it's even there!

No corners cut

Moving up to the extension, it becomes clear just what standards were worked to. This is no mere conservatory, after all. This is a new addition to an already beautiful home and shortcuts were not an option, as this overhang shot proves.

Sunken spotlights, perfect render and beautiful glazed frameworks all work together to mimic the lines of the original house, which gives the extension a classic feel, which is often overlooked these days in favour of contemporary styling.

Classic doesn't mean boring

If you think classic styling is akin to being a little on the dull side you'd be wrong. Certainly in this case, anyway! While the extension made no attempt to be showy or brash, it isn't simply shrinking into the shade either, as this amazing little cut out demonstrates.

It's the small details that set projects like this apart. By breaking up the monolithic render in this way, a nuance of design style and flair, that might otherwise have been left out, is added.

Function over bragging rights

It's rare to see an extension with a specific function without a host of bragging rights dominating proceedings. We see some amazing creations but are sometimes left wondering what purpose they serve or what the chief motivation was. Happily that's not an issue here.

A modest, simple and pretty kitchen, this is not what you'd call a game changer. However, it beautifully fits with the rest of the house and makes a strong case for building what you need and nothing more. The huge skylight adds an extra level of luxury and day long sunlight.

Time to reflect

This charming little sunroom is the perfect addition, making great use of the leftover extension space, which wasn't filled with an oversized kitchen just for the sake of it. Clearly a home for garden lovers, this sunny little vantage point offers easy appreciation of the outdoors.

The luxury of having an extra room can't be overstated and this sun trap could easily be repurposed as an extra bedroom, dining room or even an art studio. With a view like that, how could you not reach for the watercolours?

For more extension inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Modern Kitchen Extension On A Period Home.

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