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A beautifully upcycled one-room apartment

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homify Eclectic style bedroom
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This stylish one-room apartment is furnished with a surprisingly sophisticated combination of upcycled and salvaged materials. It presents as an alternative to the standard image of a hotel room, but has just as much polish and comfort as your average hotel guests might expect.

The apartment is set in Neukölln, a Berlin neighbourhood with a very raw, creative and multicultural atmosphere. The architects Spamroom chose upcycled materials to reflect the edgy spirit of the area and created some adventurous multifunctional furniture.

The apartment is just 30 square meters, so there are lots of ideas here to inspire anyone with a small home. Come with us on a photo tour of this original little apartment! We have lots of details at hand…

Multifunctional bedroom furniture

Main space homify Eclectic style bedroom

Main space


The designers avoided dividers and sought to create a multipurpose space with lots of flexibility. The furniture units were kept simple and functional so they could be slotted into place and used in multiple ways. The central piece of furniture is a bed that also doubles as a bar area with stools next to the kitchenette.

Under the bed on the right-hand side are three individual units that slide out to become seats. They can also be combined to create a third bed. We will see these again a little later…

Multifaceted storage units

Storage homify Eclectic style bedroom



The main storage unit here hugs the entrance hallway and kitchen. It can be used as a cabinet for clothes, as a storage unit and the structure also morphs into a kitchen on the other side.

It has been built with open and closed shelves. This gives the owner some private storage areas, as well as creating some bathroom storage on one side, suitcase storage near the entrance, and space for books on the bedroom side.

Upcycled kitchen

Kitchenette homify Eclectic style kitchen



The main kitchen unit has been created with a collage of recycled/salvaged materials and objects. Old panel doors, parquet tiles and new plywood have been used in creative combinations. The tiles, lamps and door handles are also made from repurposed furniture. Although there is a plethora of rustic textures, colours and finishes, the entire look is held together by an earthy palette and a super-clean design with lots of white areas. This is a rustic kitchen with an edgy feel.

Fine craftsmanship

Kitchenette detail homify Eclectic style kitchen

Kitchenette detail


In this close-up of the kitchen sink, we get a glimpse of the careful attention to detail in this project. Upcycled materials are often viewed as substandard when it comes to new constructions. But here we can really see the creative potential of imbuing new life into older materials. This only works of course because each element has been refurbished and altered with a particular focus on detail.

Dinner table and desk

Window-desk homify Eclectic style bedroom



Here we have another glimpse of the wooden seats that we saw tucked under the bed earlier. They can be used here at the dinner table that also functions as a desk. It works particularly well on warm evenings when the window can be thrown wide open to create seating outside.

Also, note the fine pendant lights. All the lighting in the main room is provided by restored brass lamps or lights custom-made from old copper pipes. Each lamp has been shaped to create the right angle of light needed for each zone.

Small and streamlined black bathroom

The small bathroom is space efficient and streamlined. Small black tiles and a monochrome colour scheme add to the edgy feel of the home. Finally, note the large simple mirror and transparent shower screen. Every element has been carefully chosen for elegance and comfort.

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What do you think of the raw beauty in this upcycled kitchen? Let us know in the comments field below!

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