Before and after: a Singapore home gets a chic upgrade

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A residence in Yong An Park JIA Studios LLP
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We are back home in Singapore today to witness another inspiring apartment transformation. With its vibrant 24-hour scene for shopping, entertainment and nightlife, as well as a thriving corporate culture, Singapore attracts hordes of tourists every year and is home to a rich mix of global citizens. And it's right here that we found our next perfect before & after story—the amazing transformation of a lacklustre home into a chic family abode. So join us on a tour as we seek to find out what the interior architects at Jia Studios LLP have managed to achieve with this property! 

Before: bare living space with potential

JIA Studios LLP


JIA Studios LLP

There's not much to be said of this empty, drab room apart from the fact that is has potential. Dated lamps hanging in random styles add to the messy look, while a dull brown floor makes things even worse. Remember, though, a space as large as this has immense possibilities.

After: bright and chic new zone

New Family Hall JIA Studios LLP
JIA Studios LLP

New Family Hall

JIA Studios LLP

Modern, bright and stylish, the living room now oozes charm and an elegance that was so missing in the original setting. The sleek good looks of the space can be credited to the use of modern silhouettes and contours. Starting from the neatly-lit linear study table in the corner to the trendy rug and the low-lying furniture, the designers have totally scored!

Before: dark and gloomy

Old Family Hall JIA Studios LLP
JIA Studios LLP

Old Family Hall

JIA Studios LLP

Utterly outdated. From this angle we see the space littered with dark furniture that was made even more gloomy by the dull flooring. This is despite the large bank of doors at one end.

After: an elegant room

Now—a completely difference story! The open-plan area has become a vision of class with a round table that makes the space look larger. The delicate chandeliers leave us starry eyed and the clear glass on the doors let in a wonderful view. The couch is pushed to the centre for a luxuriously grounded look. Opulent rust-coloured drapes complement the cream-hued furniture.

After: a sleek kitchen with style

kitchen counter JIA Studios LLP
JIA Studios LLP

kitchen counter

JIA Studios LLP

The kitchen speaks volumes of the kind of vision the designers had for this uninspiring apartment. The glossy island with the stylishly jutting edges makes for a sleek, modern look while the fibreglass domes with their cut-outs hang from the ceiling for golden lighting.

​Before: plain and outdated bathroom

JIA Studios LLP


JIA Studios LLP

The bathroom was previously an old-fashioned space where glass and brown-veined marble vied for attention, and the white tiling seemed out of place. Get us out of here!

​After: a luxurious place in which to freshen up!

Wow, now that's what call a transformation. Everything has changed thanks to the white wall-mounted sink that makes the space look roomier. The simple bowl sink on the white counter adds oodles of style, as the light peeping out from underneath the mirror adds a chic touch. This home is now a vision in elegance and style thanks to the makeover. It has successfully slipped out of its unimaginative past and become a charming Singaporean space!

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Has this makeover given you some inspiration for your own home? What is your favourite feature of Singaporean interior design?

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