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The beautiful home we will present today has a tropical feel and all the decadent features you might expect from this style. It has a private bar, gorgeous lap pool and an ambience that's just a little bit glitzy.

It comes to us courtesy of Brazilian architects Marcos Biazus. The property has two levels and covers a vast 450 square metres. But it is the glossy finishes and interesting arrangement of shapes that really have our attention. Restricting the colour scheme to all-white has allowed the designers to explore a huge variety of shapes while retaining the cohesion so important in any decor. So, let's get on with exploring this Brazilian home with a photo tour. It's sure to impress!

White exterior of many shapes

In our opinion, a long concrete driveway can often dominate the exterior of many homes. But here, the driveway has been broken up into a series of pavement pieces set in tough grass. It's a very soft approach that really works for this property.

Aside from this, the white exterior is striking and boasts a huge variety of geometric shapes. This gives the home a lot of dynamism. It's easy to overlook the variety of shapes at first glance however, because the colour scheme is almost entirely white.

Inviting lap pool

No tropical-style home is complete without an azure blue lap pool. The outdoor entertaining area has a very relaxing and low maintenance feel. This kind of look is created with low-set outdoor furniture and minimal decorations. A relaxed home is a simple one, so there's no need for heavy or over-the-top furnishings.

White granite staircase

The interior has an almost all-white colour scheme. A staircase made from white granite has been buffed to a high polish. Fine steel bannisters, white sofas and lots of glass add to the sophisticated feel of the interior. The home is just a little bit glitzy. This is a common theme in many Brazilian interiors.

Integrated open-plan layout

The home has an open-plan layout, but the broadness of the property allows for a fairly easy separation of spaces. The kitchen here is set to one side of the large ground floor, but it's still integrated with the rest of the living area. The large white breakfast bench makes this a sociable, welcoming space and the white decor visually connects the two spaces together.

White dining room

The all-white dining room runs alongside the kitchen and living room, but has its own distinct presence. The two large and elaborate white pendant lights add a degree of formality to the space. This is always a good way to distinguish a dining area from a casual eating space. The high gloss of the white table and the fiercely minimalistic colour scheme make this an impressive dining area.

Sophisticated home bar

The modern bar has an interesting ceiling light. The warm illumination is trapped so that the light bounces around the space and creates a very diffuse, gentle glow. This is always a flattering light and one that's perfect for unwinding with a glass of wine or whatever you prefer. This is not a home of high drama, so the bar stools have been kept to a cool, aqua blue to suit the bright, outdoorsy feel of the home.

Luxurious terrace

The outdoor terrace has rich blue furnishings with real vibrancy. They add a little outdoor energy to the area, offer variety and help create boundaries around this zone. At the same time, the sofas have a similar height to the indoor area and the entire decor feels very cohesive. Also, note the large floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. They give the home a generous expansive feel that's perfect for entertaining!

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What do you think of the all-white dining room and other features seen here today? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments field below!

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