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Before and after: a disastrous home finds its style

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Nowadays, home decor trends change in the blink of an eye. So, naturally, design and decor elements that were once popular and widely followed are now becoming obsolete. And modern homeowners are keen to buy or rent smart, contemporary abodes or revamp their old and dull houses. 

This is what happened with this residence in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. It sported an unimpressive look and feel due to its unfashionable materials and passé colours. But thanks to the renovation and restoration team at Ikaeru Collections Ltd., this home is now an extremely stylish, airy, and comfy place to live in. The clever use of neutral tones, organic touches, and ultramodern fixtures has made this transformation possible.

Before: a kitchen without charm

While this kitchen may have been a stunning haven of style when it was first constructed and designed, it no longer whets the appetite! The robust brown cabinets and the black appliances may have been visually striking once, but they seem plain and outdated here. The space lacks brightness and spirit too.

After: bright, unique and functional

The designers have done a complete U-turn on the old design scheme of the kitchen and knocked down a few walls to begin with. With the new and improved expansion which opens into the main hall, they have added matte-finished counters and cabinets that gleam when the light strikes them. The soothing cream and white hues bring the space alive, while the shimmering crystal balls hang from the ceiling to cast a pretty glow!

After: gentle tones and copious space

The hall now basks in the natural light filtering through huge glass doors on the right, while beige and cream closets line the left side of the wall for an old-school effect. This complements brilliantly the glossy wooden beams overhead. The expansive and airy feel of the space make it a vision indeed.

Before: ravages of time

The double sinks and the large white cabinet made this bathroom look cramped and boring. Abundant use of dull white and lifeless beige also didn’t help matters…

After: a golden transformation

The bathroom is now bathed in wonderful gilded materials that have been dulled for greater effect. The counter and bureau are sleeker and a unique black sink has been installed for a striking look. A smart glass-enclosed shower stall graces the corner, while a quirky arrangement of bamboos add an organic touch to the space beside the sink.

Before: claustrophobic is the word

Originally, the tub was somehow squeezed into a dull white corner which looked unappealing and hardly promised rejuvenation. The dark tones added tenfold to the uninspiring aesthetic.

After: contemporary and elegant

Soft-hued stone tiles now line the expanded bathroom, which houses a sleek but fair-sized tub and a snazzy shower area. Bright lights add to the cosy and warm feeling, and frosted glass imparts a gentle look.

After: monochrome statement

The new design of the bathroom also boasts an enclosure that helpfully houses the WC unit in its trendy, old-school striped setting! Monochrome makes a timeless style statement, while the clever placement of a large mirror lends fun visual interest.

This old and mundane home got a stylish makeover with subtle, traditional yet modish elements which never lose their charm. A few structural tweaks and the introduction of soothing hues made a huge difference too. Take a look at another home renovation story for more inspiration: Before and after: a shabby home gets its sparkle back.

What did you think of that monochrome touch at the end? Let us know what you liked about this home!

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