5 apartments to copy if you have less than 70m2

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Anna Serafin Architektura Wnętrz Mediterranean style dining room
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For all the advice on living smartly in a small home, sometimes it just helps to peek inside another home design that just works. This doesn't mean slavishly copying the layout down to every last detail. It just means breaking down the elements of a great interior and really examining what strikes us about the interior. Perhaps it feels bright, lively or polished. Perhaps it's just plush with the latest furnishings… Once actually identify what we love about the design, we can then start adopting those elements in our own designs.

So today, we are going to present 5 apartments to copy if you have less than 70m2. There is plenty of inspiration here those with small homes…

Tying space together

This two-room apartment is a good example of how to consider the relationship between the designs of two rooms. In a small home, each design should be distinct, but the rooms will need some unifying elements to create a cohesive design. Note how the lime green colours in the sofa, painting and accent pieces link these two rooms together. This kind of element adds that bit more polish to a small home decor. 

Bed as a design feature

It's common to struggle with sleeping space in a small home, but what if you thought of your little home as a hotel suite? Put the bed in the centre of the room and add glitzy surroundings to lift it to the next level. Great hotel rooms usually have subdued colour palettes as seen here. They also have lots of options for mood lighting and a dramatic headboard to boot. Perhaps you could even engage a professional interior designer or decorator to create a totally luxurious effect.

Employing light

This great little apartment in Gdansk feels bright and spacious. The surest way of making a small home feel large is to invite the outdoors into the room. Make your window appear large and bright like this one. If you have curtains, hang them on either side of the window and not in front of the glass. Although, consider a light colour scheme to bounce around all that light. Darker splashes of colour accents will add that little bit of extra vitality too.

Keeping it clean

Almost every small apartment has a tiny bathroom. But a small bathroom doesn't necessarily need to feel small or pokey. Like many small bathrooms, this one is lacking a window. But the interior feels beautifully spacious due to several elements. There is lots of interesting lighting, the colour scheme is bright and the built-in cupboards are streamlined and minimally designed. Finally, note the transparent shower screen on the left. Transparent shower screens are a must in a small bathroom!

Reducing clutter

The first thing that strikes us about this beautiful older-style apartment is the wood. Exposed wooden beams and floorboards really set the bright feel for this home. But if this home was cluttered, much of this feel would be lost. Choose lean and minimally designed furniture that adds little to the visual weight of the room. Do a serious declutter, then watch the natural benefits of the space come to life…

For more small home ideas, check out 9 design ideas for small living rooms.

What do you think of the interiors we have explored today? Let us know in the comments field below.

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