Creativity meets functionality in a concrete home
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Creativity meets functionality in a concrete home

Sana Salam Sana Salam
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Allow us to come right out and say that we are legitimately blown away by the German home in the spotlight today. Here's a great example of how and where to invest your money, when you're working with a limited budget. Every piece in here, every structural element, every colour utilised comes together to work like a dream. You won't see any accents or statement pieces, in fact you will encounter only very few furniture. And the few that are there blend into the interior landscape so seamlessly, you'd be hard pushed to imagine anything else there. 

Situated a few miles away from the port city of Hamburg, in Blankensee, this modernist home was designed by HGK following the renowned Bauhaus art school design model, which is defined by its fusion of creativity and manufacturing. 

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't make the most of what you have. The key is to invest it in things that do the work, and some more. Read on to find out how the architects here managed to do just that...