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Many of the Brazilian homes we have explored feature highly polished white interiors, bold tropical themes and decadent elements. The home we will tour today is somewhat similar in this regard. But it also offers something a little different…

It is just as stylish and polished as many of the other Brazilian home we have examined, but it's also set on an ordinary plot of land in a suburban neighbourhood. The location doesn't have any particularly unique features and the home could be just as decadent in almost any locale. The luxurious feel is simply due to the high quality design, materials and attention to detail.

So if you're looking to glam up your home, or searching for a more accessible way to make your home that little bit more sophisticated, this project might provide some inspiration. It comes to us courtesy of architect Marina Brasil. Come check out the beautiful photos by photographer Lyssandro Silveira…

Bold, open modernist exterior

The two-level home has a flat roof and a bold, open facade. This makes it feel bright, expansive and welcoming. But it's also a deceivingly private facade. There are almost no ground-level windows and the upper-level windows are set back and barely visible. We love the large bold mass that wraps around the facade to create a parking area.

Large entrance area

The home covers 550m2 and this leaves plenty of space for a relatively large entrance area. The entrance of the home is always the place to set the ambience for the home, and here we have plenty of appropriate features. Note the small chandelier, highly polished white stone floor and plush furnishings.

Uniquely embossed walls

The colour palette used in the interiors is pale and there are few decorations. But the home is replete in small, but luxurious details such as the bold pattern on the embossed wall we see here. These luxurious finishes and understated patterns give the home a sense of understated refinement. Of course, it would be remiss not to mention the royal blue sitting chairs and inset mirror feature.

Chandeliers and all-white interior

In the main living area, there is an inset wall shelf similar to the one in the entrance. This adds some interest and variety to the otherwise all-white living space. It can be tricky to combine different living areas in the one open-plan layout successfully. But here, we can see how it's been done well. The all-white approach gives the room a cohesive feel. But each living zone has been grouped together and given its own distinctive ambience. In the living area, corner windows, a fluffy white rug and facing sofas provide a natural nesting space to relax. In the dining area, a set of chandeliers give the dining room an instant formal touch.

On a separate note, see how the entertaining area is surrounded by a high-wall. This area is located on the ground floor and the high garden wall has been installed for privacy.

Decadent stairwell lighting

The flooring and accents have subtle differences as we move throughout the home. The white stairwell here has been created with white marble risers and a highly polished chrome bannister. To complete the luxurious effect, a glamorous hanging light has been used. Stairwells are prime places for standout lighting features and this one has been created with continuous beads of white light. It's the final glamorous touch to a perfectly modern Brazilian family home…

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What's your favourite feature in this home? Just let us know in the comments field below!

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