8 creative ways to arrange your dining room

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The classic dining room has undergone a drastic transformation in the past decade. While the dining area was once isolated from the rest of the home, these days it is almost always integrated into the kitchen and living zone. This enables us to enjoy closer communication with our loved ones or just make the most of a small space. But this also means that arranging your dining room is no longer a simple question of plonking a dining table in the middle of the room. So what are the various ways of arranging your dining room in a modern open-plan layout? Well, here at homify we have lots of inspiration to hand, and we've identified 8 different ways to arrange your dining room. There's lots of inspiration here for those with both small and large homes! So keep reading…

1. The perfect dining arrangement for a small home

This little dining room is perfectly set up for a small home. The bench-style seat on one side blends into the white walls and really makes the most of every inch of space. The chairs on the right don't have armrests so they can be tucked underneath to free up every inch of space. Finally, don't forget the pendant lights! They are an absolute must in almost every dining room set up.

2. Parallel to the single-line kitchen

Visual symmetry and clean lines are a must when arranging a small home. So it's often a good idea to run a dining table parallel to the kitchen bench. This also creates the option for extra preparation space as well. 

3. A decadent round dining set-up

Metropolitan Heights | High-End Apartment by London homify Modern dining room

Metropolitan Heights | High-End Apartment by London


If you have the space for a completely separate dining area, a round table is perfect. It allows every diner to face each other equidistantly and creates a very intimate atmosphere. 

4. Dining table built around a wall

Much of the bench space in a horizontal dining table is often under-utilised. This is particularly true for those who live alone. So a dining table could easily be built around part of a wall like this one by interior architects Architude Design. It frees up precious floor space and looks perfectly stylish.

5. A half-bench option

It is often good to have multiple seating options at your dining table, so this kind of combination of chair and bench-style seating might suit. Pushing the dining table up against the wall like this is also a great space saver. 

6. Dining table extending from the kitchen island

Creating a dining table as an extension of the kitchen island is one of the more fluid ways to create communication between the two areas. This doesn't always have to be totally casual, just check out the glossy monochrome furniture in this dining area.

7. Dining table for a galley space

One-sided dining tables are definitely tricky to execute because it's not much fun eating while facing a wall. But they are perfect for a small galley space or hallway set up. This rustic-style dining area shows how it can be done well. The most important elements here are the antique mirrors. 

8. A dining nook

A dining nook is an excellent way of arranging your dining area. It is a fairly casual arrangement, but one that perfectly makes the most of a small space. It is often butted up against a kitchen bench and always looks cosy.

If you are rethinking your decor, here's a little more inspiration: 11 ways tiles can transform your home.

Which of these dining room arrangements is your favourite? Let us know in the comments field below!

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