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The deluxe opulence of Bishopgate residences by Summerhaus D’zign

Singapore-based Summerhaus D’zign is an experienced interior design firm focused on providing first-class results to its ever-growing customer base. Words like “modern”, “contemporary”, “elegance” and “luxuriousness” can be used to describe the firm’…

24 February, 2020

7 creative ideas for a café and restaurant’s interior design

Here on homify we have no shortage on articles and advice detailing how to make residential spaces more beautiful and functional. If you research properly, you could even find a few ones highlighting more unique spaces, such as yachts.

22 February, 2020

6 neat ways to update your kitchen island

A kitchen will always remain one of the biggest selling points when selling / buying a house (there’s a reason why they call it “the heart of the house” – because it’s that important).

15 February, 2020

6 tricks to help you choose the perfect bedroom curtains

Picking out bedroom curtains can sound like an easy task (and, really, it is), but don’t be fooled into believing that it can be solved by grabbing just any fabric from the curtain store.

05 February, 2020

12 tips for a simple-but-stylish bedroom design

Nine times out of 10, a bedroom flaunts a look that is just perfect. And it’s not because the owners have money (which affords them the opportunity to purchase top-notch furnishings and acquire the assistance of professional Interior Designers), but…

30 January, 2020

6 kitchen trends to get on board with in 2020

It’s a new decade, and to celebrate that we zoom in on the heart of every home: the ever-loving kitchen.What are your dreams for your culinary space this year? A bigger island? Updated hardware? How about improved lighting fixtures or deluxe applianc…

22 January, 2020

How to choose the right ceiling light for your home

Want to illuminate your home’s furnishings, wallpaper, and overall good taste? Obviously the right lighting is a must, but many people get fairly nervous when presented with the vast array of choices in terms of size, design, style, etc.

19 January, 2020

14 modern bathrooms that are the epitome of stylish inspiration

A modern bathroom doesn’t have to mean the exact same thing to two different people. However, generally speaking, modern design does incorporate a few ‘must-have’ elements like geometrical shapes, neutral / earthy colours, very little décor, and lots…

15 January, 2020

6 easy ideas for decorating kids' bedrooms

Just because your child is young doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to enjoy a perfectly styled bedroom. After all, we know that kids do so much more than just sleep in their rooms, which is why it’s vital to ensure they have adequate space and tools fo…

21 December, 2019

The do’s and don’ts of a modern bathroom remodel

Say what you will about modern bathroom remodels, but they still remain nerve-wracking projects. At least, that is the idea shared by people who didn’t plan properly from the start.

14 December, 2019