10 Wonderful Ideas To Cover The Windows Of Your House

The vision that a window gives you is usually wonderful, whether you see the garden or the street. That ability to see is a way to have a connection with the outside world, which is necessary to have emotional stability, it is also evident that peopl…

24 February, 2024

Grandma's Advice: Prevent The Heating From Drying Out The House

At the end of winter, we all end up with our skin, scalp and throat at very high levels of dryness. Here we find one of the problems that arise from the excessive use of heating in our homes or at work.

23 February, 2024

The Best Way To Divide The Entrance And The Living Room: 7 Examples

In many homes, the entrance to the house communicates directly with the living room. This represents a loss of privacy because private areas are exposed when, for example, we have to open the door to a postman, a courier or a pizza delivery person.

Complete Guide To Mortar Sealant: Protect And Enhance Your Structures

In the vast universe of civil construction, every detail counts. From the choice of materials to the final finishes, the quality and durability of a work depend on several factors.

21 February, 2024

5 Ways To Cool A Hot Bedroom

We are not even a month into summer yet and the second heat wave of the season is approaching the peninsula. There is little we can do to avoid the heat outside and sometimes the only option seems to be staying at home.

11 February, 2024

No space for a dining table? That's how it works anyway!

Who doesn't dream of gathering around a huge dining table with friends or family and indulging in culinary delights in good company?! But unfortunately, the reality is often different: in many houses and apartments, there is simply no space for a lar…

11 February, 2024

Advantages and disadvantages of an en suite bathroom

In other countries, such as the USA, an en-suite bathroom is standard in houses and the combination of bedroom and bathroom is becoming increasingly popular here too. The expression “en suite” is derived from French and means something like “in the r…

10 February, 2024

6 Feng Shui tips for the entrance area

Hallways and entrances are considered the business card of every home. These areas are also of crucial importance in Feng Shui, because the chi; which is the all-encompassing energy, comes into the house at the main entrance, collects in the hallway…

09 February, 2024

How much does a garden wall cost?

A garden wall is not only functional, it also embellishes the house, garden, terrace and the surrounding area. It can be designed as a natural stone wall, built from concrete blocks or combined with cast iron fence elements.

08 February, 2024

13 cool ideas for backyards with screed or concrete

Do you have a concrete garden or backyard that you don't even like and would like to spruce up? Backyards and terraces that are only equipped with screed or raw concrete sometimes look a little desolate.

07 February, 2024