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10 ways to breathe stylish new life into your old front door

Even though your front garden / yard needs to remain neat at all times, your house’s front door is its main portal – and is just as important for kerb appeal and property value! Think about how many times friends and neighbours look at your front doo…

05 April, 2020

7 tasteful roof space ideas to inspire you!

It’s not always possible to extend our houses outwards, yet if one has the means to go upwards (such as adding a loft or turning that unused roof space into something useful), then we say go for it!From a growing family or a new start-up business to…

17 November, 2019

7 ways to cut costs when building your own home

For a unique few of us, the dream is to build our own forever homes instead of searching for them online or by contacting estate agents. But how much will that building project cost? If you’re not careful, it could bankrupt you!Then again, with prope…

13 October, 2019

7 of the cheapest building materials for houses

It’s a fact that building a home, regardless of size or location, can cost a pretty penny. But fortunately there are certain tips and tricks to help lower those construction costs – and one of them is to rethink your choice in building materials.

11 September, 2019

10 intelligent floor plans to inspire you

Before you start building a house, you'll need an architect onboard to draw up proposed floor plans, but if this sounds like a boring stage of the process, think again! what these dynamic illustrations and renderings show is exactly how your home COU…

20 September, 2017

Container homes: the affordable modern solution!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get onto the housing ladder in every country around the world, but we need to see the positive upside of that! The result of house prices increasing is, in the case of some amazingly inspired and talented arch…

10 September, 2017

A 140 sqm apartment with folding walls

This family apartment in the northern Spanish province of Galicia possesses an understated modernity and a very flexible approach to space.As many creative professionals know, imposed limitations can often generate the most innovative results.

10 September, 2017

A beautiful house with modern and impressive interiors

This is the story of Mérida, Mexico, the city which now occupies the very ground that once formed a part of the Mayan city of T’hó. Mérida is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in this part of the world.

04 September, 2017

A Singapore dream home to make your jaw drop

Singapore is a tiny island nation of a mere 719 km², making it one of the most compact and condensed countries on this planet. With limited room to move, space definitely comes at a premium, which is why today’s dwelling is a breath of fresh air.

20 June, 2017

A beautifully renovated 90m2 apartment

Today’s feature apartment is owned by TC Elements, a Portuguese company that specialises in custom furniture. Fresh, retro and eye-catching, this wonderfully revived home is sure to impress even the pickiest of tastes.

11 April, 2017